The Colourful - new double EP released

Pressmeddelande   •   Apr 21, 2009 11:05 CEST

Most of the members of The Colourful, the talented band from South Dakota, started playing music in middle school. An interesting influence, and valuable experience, seems to have come from church-music. "A large part of our musical coherence comes from the fact that we all grew up playing for our churches. This style of music has to be able to change quickly and go unexpected places, so you learn to follow the other musicians' body language. Our band's performance is tighter and songs are easily changeable because of this."

When The Colourful was formed, they enlisted in Battle of the Bands before they had written any songs together or even had a band name! They must have talent though, because after quickly writing a three-song set in three days, and competing, The Colourful managed to acquire quite a large fan-base, enabling them to head their own shows and open for bands as big as A Day to Remember.

The band's name "The Colourful" is symbolic of the members' vibrant pasts and the vast number of different musical influences each band member has.

The Colourful released their first double length EP this January, entitled "The Plexiglass Piano EP". It can be purchased through iTunes, DiscRevolt, Amazon, Rhapsody, Napster, eMusic, and Lala.

Their first tour, "Hear the Whispers Tour", will begin the 8th of May, and will be a mini-tour together with Mosquito Fleet and possibly Darkroom. This summer though, they will go on a much longer tour for most of the Midwest and Southwest United States.

Listen to the Colourful