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The COT System, worlds first solution for fuel dilution problems with Biofuels

Pressmeddelande   •   Feb 24, 2011 15:51 CET

The COT system, worlds first solution for well known fuel dilution problems with Biofuels vs lubrication oil.

Two years ago COT – Clean Oil Technology AB  started  cooperation projects regarding the validation of COT’s unique OilRefiner System on Bio Diesel buses and Trucks. Together with leading European manufactures such as Volvo AB the results has so far fulfilled all highly set expectations. This now forms the basis for continued business with several OEM producers.

“When we started the validation we put up a series of criteria and goals which we and our customers wish to achieve with the COT OilRefiner System”, says Göran Fredriksson, head of marketing at COT. “The COT system has more than well fulfilled these goals. Now we plan for sales to selected customers and introduction of the COT system to European bus and truck brands. The COT system helps the brands to offer customers improved and more cost effective service agreements that provide a good economy in their businesses. Therefore, the OEM manufactures are interested in long term business with COT”, says Göran Fredriksson and continues:

The environment aspect is high up on the agenda of European Bus and Truck manufactures and their customers. The emission demands as well as customer demands on more cost efficient service programs are successively sharpened and the ambitions among leading manufacturers are to solve them. Here COT got solutions for Bio Fuels.Diesel, Ethanol and Gas.

“It is very satisfying that the business cooperation with European OEM brands now enters a new phase”, says Göran Fredriksson. “The strategy change we initiated 2008  to engage in validation and sales to OEMs now start to give results. This is precisely in line with our objective to – in cooperation with the vehicle manufacturers – offer their customers environmentally friendly products and cost effective solutions. Therefore, we see a very bright future as regards the market volumes that may be realized for the COT OilRefiner System”.