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The Council for the Judiciary of the Netherlands renews its telecommunications with KPN and NEC

Pressmeddelande   •   Mar 06, 2012 19:24 CET

Hilversum, March 5, 2012 – The Council for the Judiciary of The Netherlands has commissioned KPN to provide, in close collaboration with NEC, a completely new telecommunications facility baesd on Voice over IP. For the Council this means a significantly enhanced IT and Communications, boosting efficiency and realizing a flexible working environment for in due course over twelve thousand employees across 27 judicial organizations.

Flexible environment, better accessibility, central management

The Council for the Judiciary issued a European call for tender with the objective of designing, building, implementing and maintaining a flexible ICT infrastructure that would allow for all telephony facilities to be managed from one central platform and enable staff to work and access all digitally stored files irrespective of place and time. The council was looking for a future proof and fault tolerant, flexible environment that fits the organisation’s vision and strategic plans towards superior accessibility for civilians and staff. The new communications infrastructure significantly enhances the Judiciary’s accessibility for citizens, as centralization of the telephony functionality allows the Judiciary to be accessible by means of one national number.

NEC’s UNIVERGE solutions ensure New Way of Working

The council awarded the contract to system integrator KPN, in cooperation with NEC as the provider of the advanced Voice over IP and Unified Communications solution. The comprehensive functionality of NEC’s solutions in support of the envisaged New Way of Working was an important aspect in the Council’s final decision. The solution includes NEC’s UNIVERGE SIP@Net and SV8100 communications servers, 5.000 IP telephone sets, the Business ConneCT application for Unified Communications and Collaboration and MA4000 Configuration and Expense Management.

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