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The digital marketing strategy of Stockholm IT Ventures AB is being expanded by Sprinkle AB

Pressmeddelande   •   Maj 06, 2019 13:51 CEST

Stockholm IT Ventures AB recently acquired the Swedish Fintech company Sprinkle AB. Sprinkle is expanding the group's digital marketing strategy by launching a new website dedicated to their Main Ambassador, Denise Lopez, who was signed in April of 2019.

Denise Lopez has a successful career as a singer, songwriter, producer and DJ with more than 500,000 albums sold. Denise has toured the world and sold out the Tokyo Dome in Japan on two separate occasions. Denise was the only Swedish artist to open for Michael Jackson in Gothenburg, Sweden and was the opening act to 50 Cent in Helsinki, Finland. Additionally, she brings strong entrepreneurial and blockchain experience and a global investor network to the organization.

The new website for the Main Ambassador expands Sprinkle´s global ambassador network and increases exposure of the Sprinkle Fusion Power (TM) platform that by integrating AI and Blockchain technologies fuses Sprinkle AB's different business units into one unified IT platform. The new website increases value for customers and shareholders by creating cross-sales between the group's various offerings with immediate first sales impacts as early as May 2019.

- Sprinkle has experienced very exciting developments by the recent acquisition by Stockholm IT Ventures. By launching the Main Ambassador website www.mainambassador.com, Sprinkle continues to expand its global network and Fintech ecosystem that is created to reach the global investment market and digitize their finances and investment options. Both Sprinkle and Stockholm IT Ventures are excited to have Denise Lopez as our Main Ambassador, says Sprinkle AB CEO Ian Cassiman.

- Stockholm IT Ventures acquired Sprinkle AB exactly for, amongst others, these marketing and networking strengths. The addition of a global Ambassador network, Main Ambassador website, and the famous Denise Lopez is exactly the marketing and branding that is needed to take Stockholm IT Ventures to the next level, says Bert Scheen, CEO of Stockholm IT Ventures AB.

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About Stockholm IT Ventures AB
Stockholm IT Ventures AB is a Swedish public company listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange since 2014 under the ticker symbol SVAB. The company specialises in clean and efficient low-cost energy cryptocurrency mining, production and related FinTech and Blockchain technologies. Stockholm IT Ventures AB acquired Sprinkle AB in early 2019. For more information visit www.stockholmit.co. You can also find the Company on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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Stockholm IT Ventures AB, Bert Scheen, bert.scheen@stockholmit.co