Ongoing Warehouse

The Finnish digital marketplace Suppilog introduce sharing economy in Logistics

Pressmeddelande   •   Jan 08, 2020 12:43 CET

Suppilog introduces sharing economy into the logistics of physical goods and B2B commerce, thus improving the capacity utilisation of software, inventory, distribution equipment and transportation.

Suppilogs’s wholesale trading ecosystem consists of B2B sellers and professional buyers as well as 3rd party service providers like logistic-companies, invoicing and other partners that make the traditional B2B trade more efficient.

The warehouse system Ongoing Warehouse was selected to be the key SaaS-service provider in Suppilog's multi-vendor and multi-warehouse-site, that enables unlimited amount of seller companies to utilise outsourced and their own warehouses from a one single interface.

“Ongoing Warehouse enabled Suppilog to offer a 360°-logistics service module for SME as well as Enterprise -sized companies to reap the full benefits of the digitalisation and the platform B2B trade - without heavy investments and many years of development”, says Harri Eskelin, CEO of Supplilog Oy.

Ongoing Warehouse, based in Gothenburg Sweden, specializes in a web-based Warehouse Management System (WMS) for 3PL companies and other companies that need a flexible and competent WMS.

“In Ongoing Warehouse, the main benefits were world-class WMS SaaS-software technology, the already existing logistical customers in Finland and the sole fact that the company was from the Nordics and not from other continents far away. To be able to communicate fast and personally to the right specialist at Ongoing enables a service level that the global service providers in other time zones can't easily offer”, says Harri Eskelin, CEO Supplilog Oy.

The Ongoing WMS is a standard system with well documented API: s to enable easy integrations to other systems like ERP-systems, Web shops and Transportation systems.

“A key feature in Ongoing is their API: s which make it easy and cost-efficient for us and other parties to make integrations to the system. This openness is a main benefit for us and our customers”, continuous Harri Eskelin.

As a Swedish company, Ongoing has a focus on the Nordic countries and the system is handling goods for more than three thousand companies in Scandinavia and counting.

“Suppilog is a new and innovative company in the sharing economy and we are thrilled to be part of their journey. It feels great to help another Nordic company streamline its logistics. As a market leader in our niche in Sweden and Norway, we now see a steady inflow of customers from Finland and Denmark. The Nordic market is our home soil”, says Fredrik Einarsson, CEO of Ongoing Warehouse. 

Ongoing Warehouse is a leading Scandinavian software company, specialized in a modern, web-based WMS-system for companies in the area of 3PL/ Warehouseing. Our mission is to quickly and easily provide a capable, webbased warehouse management system. For more information