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The Fintech investment platform, Raise Reach by Sprinkle™, is growing rapidly in membership numbers and incoming projects.

Pressmeddelande   •   Jun 03, 2019 21:08 CEST

The number of members and the project flow into the Fintech investment platform, Raise Reach by Sprinkle, is increasing every day and is now facing massive growth and a very exciting period of international development. Currently it is involved in several international strategic negotiations, with strong potential that the investment platform will grow into a major Swedish Fintech investment platform success.

Raise Reach is the main growth engine of the Swedish Fintech company, Sprinkle AB, and plays a key role in the company’s Sprinkle Fusion Power™ strategy, which integrates internal resources, knowledge and expertise onto a platform that offers unique financial and technical services in an ever-growing, global Fintech market.

"We expect to be able to present the results of recent intensive negotiation work in the next few weeks for Blockhomes. It is a very exciting time for our company, clients, and customers. Be sure to follow us on social media, where you can stay updated on all of our progress ". - Ian Cassiman, CEO Sprinkle AB

Sprinkle Media arbetar med mediakommunikation som är relaterat till kapitalanskaffning, fastighetsmarknad och företagande. Genom styrelserepresentation, vår kunskap, vårt nätverk och vår finansiella styrka arbetar vi för att hjälpa bolag att bli branschledande. Vi använder investeringsplattformen raisereach för att erbjuda kapitalanskaffningstjänster som emissioner, fastighetsinvesteringar och crowd funding.