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The Local in Sweden features Residensportalen

Pressmeddelande   •   Okt 19, 2012 14:19 CEST

Residensportalen's exclusive deal with The Local

On June 8th, 2012 Residensportalen became the exclusive sponsor of The Local's Rentals section. The Local is for anyone who is interested in finding out what's going on in Sweden and who reads English. The readers in Sweden consist of foreigners from over a hundred nations, as well as Swedes looking for a different perspective on events and news.

Abroad, The Local has become required reading for people planning a move to Sweden, planning to visit or doing business with Sweden. It is also used as a resource by foreign journalists and researchers writing stories about Sweden, or looking for Sweden's perspective on the issues of the day.

Residensportalen offers a cutting edge IT tool for landlords and tenants to find the best possible match. Landlords can choose between various corporate, diplomat and private tenants. We broker rentals in all of Sweden through our headquarters in Stockholm. Regardless of whether you need help in Malmö, Göteborg, Stockholm or the rest of Sweden, we can be of assistance.

Our mission is to connect the most qualified landlords and tenants with each other and to ensure the best possible rental for both parties. Residensportalen offers registered users a range of services to ensure that both landlords and tenants have a smooth and secure rental process. Residensportalen guarantees that both the web platform and our services maintain the confidentiality and flexibility that landlords and tenants require.

Residensportalen AB, corporate id: 556652-6074, formerly named LET AB, was founded in 2003 och is a letting agent of sublets and rentals. In 2012 we shifted to the name Residensportalen and we have brokered thousands of sublets and rentals through thorough and professional administration. We deliver the most advanced IT portal through which it is easy and seamless for landlords to advert their properties and secure for tenants to find properties. To register as a landlord, click here and to register as a tenant click here.  Our questionaires are constructed to produce the closest match between landlord and tenant.

Residensportalen is headquartered in Stockholm. The agents on our staff responsible for the contractual process are registered with Fastighetsmäklarnämnden and are members of SHRF. All documents such as contracts follow Swedish rental law as well as Fastighetsmäklarnämnden's guidelines. In addition to this, we believe that the best brokering of rentals combine experience, honesty and knowledge.