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The Mysterious Czech Republic Attracts through the Cipher of the Knights Templar and Hellish Fire

Pressmeddelande   •   Maj 23, 2014 14:31 CEST

Mysterious treasures, paranormal phenomena in the gloomy woods or a direct entrance to hell. All of this can be found in the Czech Republic, the land of mysterious legends. Experience mystique and adventure that will certainly give you goose bumps.

The Templar’s treasure is said to be hidden in Moravia

For several centuries treasure hunters have taken turns in the Moravian castleVeveří near Brno. Legend has it that the Templars of France brought their valuables right there after the liquidation of the order in 1307. The treasure of the guardians of the biggest secrets of human history, however, has not been found to this day. Recent research on Veveří, though, has confirmed the existence of an underground space under the church near the castle and assumes their secret connection. According to mystery experts, there is a cipher of the name Molay, the last Grand Master of the Templar Order, above the entrance to the church.

One of the most important politicians of the 20th century is also connected with the Veveří castle. Winston Churchill stayed there three times with his friend, the former owner of the castle Baron de Foresta.

Paranormal phenomena in the mysterious Bor forest

Strange noises, a dark specter, flaming red eyes and other strange mysteries are told about Bor forest near České Budějovice. The first mention of this site comes from back in the middle ages. 400 years ago there was a small settlement surrounded by swamps, in which several people drowned. Their souls, which still haven’t found peace, are reportedly the source of discomfort to tourists there. Further testimony from visitors to the mysterious forest reported disappearing figures, time delays or strange transparent silhouettes in photographs. The mystical Bor forest is also associated with a historical event from the period when a military area stood here. One night, the soldiers allegedly shot each other up because one of them turned into a strange creature.

 The entrance to hell, just a few kilometres from Prague

If you have enough courage and guts, visit one of the most mysterious places in the Czech Republic - Houska Castle. It is located just a few kilometres from Prague and is built on a rock, which supposedly houses a gateway to hell. According to legend, one day the rock wall split open, and demons and the devil appeared there. During tours of the castle, it is still the case that visitors feel sick or faint or feel slightly stupefied.

Unique hill, from which steam rises in a deep frost

There is an incredible sixteen degree difference in the temperature of the escaping air and the outside air. Boreč hill in the Czech Central Mountains, which is shrouded in many myths and legends, hid its mystery for many years. Warm steam rises from its peak during deep frosts. The mystery of the unique Czech natural object was explained in 1881 by a Prague university professor, who discovered that inside Boreč there is a fissure interwoven within a complex labyrinth. In winter, in its lower part it draws in cool air which heats on the way up, and at its exit at the surface it has a temperature of 9-10 ° C.

Castles of marauding knights still hiding secrets

Czech Switzerland - a region of magnificent sandstone rock walls and gates - but also a scary place, where in ancient times, people were afraid to set foot. That is because marauding knights had their headquarters here and undertook expeditions into the area. Falkenštejn, Šauštejn and Tolštejn castleswere said to be in the hands of the marauding knights. Their ruins are still must-sees for lovers of adventure and mysticism. For example, the Gothic Tolštejn castle is still said to be haunted by a white lady with a big black dog and a spring rises to the surface there from which water with grains of gold gushes.

A unique copy of the Shroud of Turin was hidden for hundreds of years

The year is 1999. In the Broumov monastery a wreath with the inscription Sancta Sindon is mounted above the chapel, which is the name for the famous Shroud of Turin, which Jesus Christ is alleged to have been wrapped after his death. The secret inscription turned and turned in the mind of the young Přemysl Sochor and behind the wreath in a wooden box a hidden copy of the shroud was found. This, according to the attached document, was a gift of the Archbishop of Turin and is almost dimensionally identical to the original. Even though there are about 40 copies of the Shroud of Turin, The Broumov copy is the only one in Central Europe and is one of the most successful.

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