The New Years Burlesque Show Extravaganza! at Debaser Malmö 31/12

Pressmeddelande   •   Nov 28, 2011 17:04 CET

We proudly present...

LIVE: The Hollering Hank-a-Hoobies

Fräulein Jeanie Frauke performing The Cupcake
Arsenica Lace & the Butler performing Bats in the Bustle
Lady Effulgent performing A Magical Night
Miss Sugar Divíne performing Tease by an fallen angel
Aerial burlesque number with Marco hanging from a ribbon

DJ: Martin Kubista with guests

And more!
Hostess Fräulein Jeanie
Hair stylists for free! between 7-8 pm
Fun & dramatic fifties decor
Cherryshakes & frozen margaritas specials

A wildly luxurious buffet with sliders (veggie & meat), pulled pork sandwiches/baked bean sandwiches with coleslaw, chipotle glazed baby back ribs, hot wings, sweet potato sticks with chili & coriander, chocolate cake with cream and cherries and more.
Doors 7 pm-3 am, Food from 7-10 pm and show from 8 pm and pretty much all night long.

And oh, it's a bargain! Tickets 350 SEK for EVERYTHING - food, show, fireworks, fun times... And great hotel deals for those who are travelling! contact for more info regarding accommodation.


DEBASER är med sina ställen Debaser Slussen, Debaser Medis, Debaser Malmö och Debaser Humlegården Sveriges största klubbscen för i första hand pop och rock med en sammanlagd kapacitet på 1850 gäster under veckans flesta dagar. Sedan starten 2002 har runt 4-5000 artister som Bob Dylan, The Strokes, Eldkvarn, bob hund, Arcade Fire, The Hellacopters, Pete Doherty, Bright Eyes, Mando Diao, The Hives, Ryan Adams och en rad internationella DJs förgyllt våra dagar.

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