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The Norwegian Case – Oslo hydrogen infrastructure continues to grow

Pressmeddelande   •   Nov 03, 2011 09:53 CET

Norwegian and European partners open new “state of the art” hydrogen refuelling station in Oslo

Early morning, the 21st of November 2011, H2moves Scandinavia will open a new hydrogen refuelling station in Gaustad, Oslo. The press is in invited to this special event.
In the program: Fabian Stang, Mayor of Oslo, Ola Elvestuen, Vice Mayor for the Department of  Environment and Transport and other prominent guests. Moderator: Ole André Sivertsen.
“Norway is one of the European “hotspots” in the introduction of zero emission vehicles. That's why we call it  ’the Norwegian Case’” says Dr. Uli Bünger, project coordinator.
“Yet another station in Oslo shows that car manufacturers are interested in investing in hydrogen and that Norway is one of the important places for the early market” says Bjørn Simonsen, Chairman of HyNor.
“The project is working to gain customer acceptance of hydrogen by undertaking a European Hydrogen Road Tour in 2012 - there will also be test drives in several European cities. Three test drives will be arranged in Oslo between 21-26 November”, says Christine Apelgren project manager communication.
Program November 21 at SINTEF, Forskningsveien 1

7.30   Breakfast; Drop-in, mingle with VIP's, experts, project partners and the press.
8.00   Presentation of the H2moves Scandinavia project by Ulrich Buenger and presentation of ZERO by Einar Håndlykken, Managing Director, ZERO Emission Resources Organisation.
8.30   Inauguration of the hydrogen refuelling station, informative speeches Fabian Stang, Mayor of Oslo, Ola Elvestuen, Vice Mayor for the Department of  Environment and Transport, Bjørn Simonsen, Chairman of HyNor, prominent guests, panel discussion moderated by Ole André Sivertsen, and hydrogen car refuelling demonstration.

9.00   End of programme: some of us continue to the opening of the ZERO conference at the Clarion Hotel Oslo Airport Gardemoen

A busy week for the hydrogen promotors H2moves Scandinavia
November 21st to 26th will be a busy week for the hydrogen promotors in the EU funded project H2moves Scandinavia, with it's Norwegian and European partners. The press is invited to attend our activities:

21st November: After the opening of the Gaustad Hydrogen Refueling station the delegates at the ZERO conference and press will have the chance to test drive FCEVs from Mercedes-Benz and Th!nk at the Clarion Hotel, Oslo Airport Gardemoen.

22nd November: Jonny Danielsson, Director of Passenger Cars, Mercedes-Benz [Norway], will give a presentation during the HyNor session at the ZERO-conference, between 10.00 and 10.20. Please note you need press accreditation from ZERO. Apply here http://www.zerokonferansen.no/presse.

26th November: Public driving at Akerhus Brygge. The H2moves Scandinavia project will offer Oslo residents the chance to test drive one of the new Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles that they will later see on their streets, in Oslo.
For more information, contact
Christine Apelgren, Hydrogen Sweden
Pm. Communication, H2moves Scandinavia,
+46 708 837 683christine.apelgren@vatgas.se
Dr. Uli Bünger, Ludwig-Boelkow-Systemtechnik GmbH
Project Coordinator, H2moves Scandinavia,
+49 896 081 100Ulrich.Buenger@lbst.de

About the H2moves Scandinavia project
H2moves Scandinavia aims to demonstrate the market readiness of fuel cell vehicles and the hydrogen refuelling infrastructure. The project aims to join Scandinavia into the ongoing fuel cell demonstration projects in Germany and the rest of Europe, thereby closing an infrastructure gap between them. This is the first large scale demonstration project supported by the newly established European Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking Programme. The total budget is 20 million Euro and support is also given from both Danish and Norwegian national funds. Read more at: www.scandinavianhydrogen.org

Project partners: Ludwig Bölkow Systemtechnik, Daimler, H2Logic, Hydrogen Link, Vätgas Sverige, SP, Tüv Süd, Transnova, EUDP, New Energy World JU, EU, Sintef, Bertel O. Steen, HyNor.  

Hydrogen – Here Today, Everywhere Tomorrow.

Vätgas Sverige är ett partnerskap som arbetar för att underlätta en introduktion av vätgas och bränsleceller i samhället. Medlemmar och finansiärer kommer från näringsliv, institut, kommuner, regioner, nationella myndigheter och föreningar. Verksamheten bedrivs i form av en ideell förening och består av en styrelse, ett kansli och ett femtiotal medlemmar.

Vår syn på vätgasens roll som energibärare är balanserad och långsiktig. Vi ser att vätgas- och bränslecellsområdet nu utvecklas mycket starkt och tillsammans med andra energitekniker kommer det möjliggöra framtidens mer hållbara och effektiva energiförsörjning.