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"The Opera House" - The new novel by Hans M Hirschi

Pressmeddelande   •   Dec 18, 2013 07:55 CET

Published last week, the novel is available on Amazon, iTunes & Nook (paperback & ebook).

The third novel from Hans M. Hirschi is darker yet retains the hopefulness that is Hirschi's signature:

The Ultimate Loss

Raphael doesn’t believe in a higher power, or in anything, for that matter. After the death of his son, his life shattered, Raphael regrets that he didn’t lie about some perfect paradise, and he pushes away everything that once mattered to him—his lover, his job, his reputation as a top architect. Then he meets Brian, a homeless, maybe hopeless kid.

A Second Chance

Brian’s a male prostitute. When he disappears, Raphael realizes that he cannot fail another person, and he launches an all-out search. What he finds both breaks his heart and begins to heal it.  

A Little Magic

The price of saving Brian is high, maybe too high. But Raphael is no stranger to sacrifice, and he’ll risk everything to save Brian and reunite with the man Raphael now loves. The question is—How?

Like the architecture of the opera house Raphael designs, the steps to regaining his life will depend not just on careful planning, but faith, hope, and maybe just the magic of love.

Rick Clemons, Gay Life Coach and Huffington Post contributor writes: "A grab your heart story that doesn't let you go. From the moment you embark on the score of the story you realize the power of grief, acceptance, and the little mysterious wonders that make you realize you're human."

New York Times bestselling author Bonnie Hearn Hill says: “A gripping, beautifully written story of life—and love—after a parent’s ultimate loss. The characters will win your heart.”

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