Pressmeddelande   •   Dec 11, 2013 16:53 CET

Theme: Business Driven Product Architecture

The Product Leadership days is the Event for high tech Product Managers. The event summons individual from Scandinavia to reach the next level. In 2014 the theme of the conference is Strategy Execution with Business Driven Product Architecture. We will connect the portfolio and products with business drivers and strategy. We will dig deep into the design of product platforms and how to leverage modular design. The key note for the conference is Michael MacGrath, the ”M” of PRTM, product strategy consultant at APPLE, AMAZON, INTEL, author of the bestselling book ”Strategies for High Tech companies”, one of the world’s brightest Product Strategists.

”The Product Architecture embodies the strategy in our Products.”
– Magnus Billgren, Strategy Activator at Tolpagorni


This year’s product leadership days will be divided into three days, a tutorial session, the conference day and an exclusive opportunity to attend a workshop with the product strategist Michael McGrath. You will be able to attend one, two or all three days.

Tolpagorni Product Management är ett specialistföretag inom produktledning. Vår mission är att göra våra kunder snabbare och bättre på att ta fram rätt produkter. Vi hjälper teknologiföretag inom B2B i rollen som konsultativ rådgivare men även i den dagliga verksamheten. Tolpagorni förmedlar kompetens i öppna kurser och företagsanpassade utbildningsprogram.

Tolpagorni är initiativtagare till Produktledardagen och nätverk för produktchefer.