The Raoul Wallenberg Research Initiative

The Raoul Wallenberg International Roundtable, 14.-15. September - The Swedish Army Museum - Stockholm

Pressmeddelande   •   Aug 28, 2017 18:30 CEST

Victims of repression like Raoul Wallenberg and their families have a right to truthful information about their ordeal. But what good is this 'Right to the Truth' when one cannot enforce it?

For the first time ever, Swedish families of the disappeared, past and present, will have a chance to meet each other and share their experiences. Together, they will explore how to pursue and enforce the legal 'Right to the Truth' more effectively.

Aside from Raoul Wallenberg's family and the families of other disappeared Swedes, we will be joined by historians, international legal experts, journalists, former political prisoners and human rights defenders.

The event will be open to the public, with a joint Press Conference scheduled for Thursday,

14 September 15:00 - 16:00

Participants include

Klas Åmark - Cecilia Åhlberg- Roger Älmeberg - Susanne Berger - Vadim Birstein - Percy Bratt - Ingrid Carlberg - Magnus Christiansson - Irwin Cotler - Mats Deland - Louise von Dardel - Marie Dupuy - Angela Gui - Esayas Isaak - Bengt Jangfeldt - Gellert Kovacs - Christer Lokind - Nina Lagergren - Marvin Makinen - David Matas - Ivan Pavlov - Peter Ruggenthaler - Arne Ruth - Göran Rydeberg - Martin Schibbye - Georg Sessler - Kerstin von Seth - Daria Sukhikh - Matthias Uhl - Manuel Vergara Céspedes - Evabritta Wallberg - Irmtrud Wojak

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The RWI-70

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Founded in 2015, the Raoul Wallenberg Research Initiative (RWI-70) is an informal alliance of more than 80 international historians, Holocaust survivors, family members of former political prisoners, legal experts, retired diplomats and human rights defenders. The central aim of the RWI-70 is to determine the full circumstances of Raoul Wallenberg’s fate in the former Soviet Union.