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The Scent of Sweden is Captured in a Small Bottle

Pressmeddelande   •   Nov 04, 2016 23:08 CET

November, 5th 2016

In the very northern part of Sweden, where rare flora grows and where the winter is longer than the summer, there is a fragrance company that has captured the scents of the local area. With the inspiration of 24-karat gold, arctic raspberry, mountains and a nose trained by growing up in a bakery, the financially educated Eva Henriksson has succeeded in putting her vision of Northern Sweden into a perfume bottle.

“My products reflect the special area of the northern part of Sweden. The flora is so special. We have berries here that are rare, and we also have arctic flowers that cannot be found is many places. My vision is to capture the area, working with both perfume notes as well as illustrations.”

In one of the perfumes, you will find not only 24-karat gold but also arctic raspberry. The scent is beautiful and has a very comforting, powdery berry fragrance. This fragrance is named after the Nordic light (Latin Aurora Borealis) and will remind you that you are worthy of gold. It is called Scent of Aurora.

Another bottle has captured ”a village next to the river.” It is light as a feather blowing in the arctic wind. It is fresh, soft and close to the skin. The bottle is called The Pearl, just like an old village in the very northern part of Sweden. This fragrance shows an impressive longevity.

“Longevity is one important factor for me,” says the founder Eva Henriksson. “As a Swede born in the Northern area of the country, I was brought up to make purchases that last and to purchase things that offer value for the money. Wasting money in bad products was not good. Longevity is one of the factors that therefore cannot be ignored in my products. A woman must be able to wear perfume from the morning to the evening. This is for me one of the factors that is value for the money.”

“My interest in scents comes from growing up in a bakery. The spices and butter and dough have given me a nose that has an opinion, I would say. For instance, I do not eat bread or a cookie without smelling it first. My decision when composing a fragrance is based on my nose´s opinion of what I like and what I do not like. Basically, it is as simple as this to compose a fragrance. All it takes is lots of training and perhaps a good memory.”

The company is not even two years old but has already reached out to different countries in the world. “We are now sending our fragrances across Europe and to the United States. One of the biggest online beauty shops in Sweden/Norway/Finland has also helped to open up the web shop channels for end customers.

The edp come in 50 ml bottles and app price in the web shops is USD 65.

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