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“We want to challenge some major beliefs and structures in the management consulting business”

The Transformation Alliance is an international group of independent management consultancies united by a fundamental insight: co-creating sustainable transformation is the key to unleashing the full potential of business, organizations and society.  The members of the alliance combine traditional, structural-management expertise with a deep understanding of the cultural dimensions needed to assist client organizations with complex change projects.

For over a decade, research has shown that only one in three change projects is perceived as successful, and that eighty percent of all business strategies are never executed. Unfortunately, this is still true for many organizations.

It is our conviction that this is due to the use of management models designed for a remarkably more stable environment than the complex world and rapidly changing environments we live in today, says Jérôme Danon, one of the initiators of The Transformation Alliance.

As Albert Einstein once said, “we can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them”. Consequently, in order to offer something new on the management consulting market, The Transformation Alliance was founded.

Structural prerequisites, such as follow-up mechanisms for organizational control, are most certainly necessary in many change processes – but seldom enough on their own. We believe that every change process needs to be combined with a deep understanding of the cultural dimensions of the transformation of the organization.  We realized a need in the market for an international collaboration offering management consulting services with that perspective, says Magnus Envall, one of the initiators of The Transformation Alliance in Sweden.

The world has faced some enormous challenges over the last decade and the demand for coping in such a fast changing environment isn’t about to disappear in the years to come. This requires a new type of perspective and a need for new management models relevant to our times. One example of the type of thinking needed is a concept we call “the triple bottom line”. This dimension goes beyond creating a positive bottom line result in the annual report. It’s about creating sustainable businesses, sustainable organizations and a sustainable society, says French initiator Jérôme Danon.

The founding members of The Transformation Alliance are Kea & Partners (France) and Preera (Sweden).

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The Transformation Alliance is an international group of strategy and management consulting firms with a mission to help leaders create resilient organizations. We systematically work with our clients, not for them, in a non-intrusive style that creates a distinctive and engaging experience.