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The well-known Edtech profile and author in education Frida Monsén joins the Gamification expert Insert Coin

Pressmeddelande   •   Aug 21, 2019 16:57 CEST

"We are very pleased that Frida wants to join us on our journey as Sweden´s most innovative gamification company. We want to continue to stand out by combining gamification research and expertise with cutting-edge technology to create entirely new opportunities to add gamification to various digital solutions. I´m convinced that with her help we'll take major steps forward in many areas of the company" says Insert Coins CEO, Carl Bjerkne in an interview.

Edtech as an Industry is growing rapidly from both an education perspective in Schools as well as the HR perspective in Business. Both researches and client success cases in Insert Coin confirms that gamification has a powerful impact on learning behaviours for increased motivation in on-boarding and re-training programs in businesses, as well as course completion in the LMS of Universities and Schools. During this year Insert Coin has started implementation projects with many international companies to help them with on-boarding programs and re-training programs, as well as adding gamification to several Schools LMS. The Industry growth is forecasted to increase significantly coming 10 years related to the digitalization and automation perspective and therefor Insert Coin will strengthen the focus by organizing and build a strategic business unit in Edtech with Frida as manager.

“I have always been curious about what stimulates people's curiosity to learn more, and I see it as an exciting challenge to explore the possibilities with new technology for learning. Games and gaming cultures have always been close to my heart. Insert Coin as an employer fits me perfectly as it is an incredibly exciting company that works closely with research and has a deep knowledge of gamification and digital product development. As we now focus on EdTech, we want to create the conditions for a lifelong and sustainable learning by developing our product to become the best choice for anyone who wants to create effective micro-learning solutions that fit into everyday life. I´m glad to be part of the team” says Frida.

Frida is starting her new position as SBU Manager in August at Insert Coin and will be in charge of EdTech as a Business Unit. Frida has a long track record and wide network within Edtech and with a strong skill level, Frida will continue the journey to set the strategic agenda and to satisfy existing clients as well as meeting demands from new clients in an exiting and growing industry.

“Initially, we have several exciting learning projects already underway, so a short-term focus will be to work with these and see how we optimally design for learning in our existing product, but also use the input we get for the next phase in product development that will have an even greater focus on just Edtech as an Industry. So far, I am impressed with how far we have already come, and it feels so fun to join the company in this innovative phase and get involved in shaping the business going forward” says Frida.

The reason for the rapid growth of gamification in Edtech is the significant increase in activity among the users that have gamification adopted in their environments I both schools and businesses. When gamification elements implement in different environments the productivity increases. Users get more motivated to change behaviours to get better. The effectiveness increased 28% in one of our latest success cases. Regarding to WEF, "The future of jobs" (2018) 54% of all employees within Industry will require significant re-training up to 12 months. Gamification will be an important mechanism in EdTech to adopt the right strategies and systems to strengthen the likelihood of success re-training processes.

"Frida has a perfect profile and expertise for this work. We have received a great deal of feedback from Edtech over the years and with results of the implementation degree on courses and the increase in grades that we received with our customer Chalmers University of Technology; we feel that our platform works very well for this market. Increasing our commitment to learning in both companies and the education sector is right for us. Frida will work on moving this business area forward, supporting our customers and our product development" says Carl.

Carl continue by confirming: "Our goals with the Edtech area are high. We see and believe that gamification will be a central part in the field coming years. We now work with organizations within e-learning and with HR departments who are responsible for continuing education, but also with universities and primary schools. The need is great. We work long term in both our customer relationships and with our product. Frida, together with our researcher and Ph.D. Adam Palmquist, will also continue to run different types of research projects to validate the positive effects that have been achieved"Carl tells us in the end of interview.

For further information:

Frida Monsén, SBU Manager EdTech

070-769 65 75

Carl Bjerkne, CEO

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Insert Coin is the leading expert in gamification. We have some of the most well known authors and thought leaders in our team. Experience and knowledge that are key to success. When Insert Coin uses the word Gamification its with both great passion and great respect. Great passion for its ability to create engagement the way games do and great respect for the craftsmanship it takes to get it just right.

The overall objectives for Insert Coin is to use Science to develop, test and provide new models, techniques and proceedings within Gamification. Insert Coin aims to use the behaviour principles for the area of science, supporting the successful commercialization of research competencies, capabilities and the results from the research done by Insert Coin to its clients and end users.

In our portfolio you can find clients as SKF, Stena, Volvo PV, Ford Motors, SEB, Chalmers University of Technology as some examples. There are many success cases to share using gamification to increase user engagement within Industries as Edtech, Healthtech and Fintech.