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The White Guide Nordic 2017 results will be announced today, October 31st!

Pressmeddelande   •   Okt 31, 2016 10:00 CET

White Guide Nordic 2017 cover

Once this year’s results have been revealed at 16:15 (CET) at a presentation in Stockholm, a press release will be sent out and the White Guide Nordic website will be re-opened displaying, among other things, the top 30 list. This year the guide covers 61 restaurants in Finland, 64 restaurants in Norway (including Svalbard), 92 restaurants in Sweden, 92 restaurants in Denmark (including 2 in Greenland and 5 in the Faroe Islands) and 15 restaurants in Iceland. This edition also covers the Baltic countries, presenting the 60 best restaurants in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

White Guide är sedan elva år Sveriges ledande restaurangguide. White Guide ger också ut en kaféguide, en dansk guide och en nordisk guide, både i tryckta och digitala former. Länkar till alla finns samlade på portalen whiteguide.com.

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