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The world's most screwed playing card

Pressmeddelande   •   Mar 19, 2012 09:52 CET

As in his art Cli Stone dares to surprise and do the unexpected, now turning a construction trade show into an art exhibition. The work of art "Ace of Spades Screw Convex” made from 2.500 screws and in the size 120x80x10 cm will be presented at the construction fair Nordbygg 2012 at the Stockholm International Fairs.

-This is very clearly a different place to showcase my artwork at, but since Ace of Spades is made of screws Nordbygg 2012 represents an interesting new venue for art lovers. It's exciting to be able to reach an audience that normally may not visit art galleries and museums, Cli Stone says.

Ace of Spades will appear in ESSVE’s booth during Nordbygg 2012, which runs between March 20-23 at the Stockholm International Fairs.

-We think Cli Stone makes great pieces of art with our screws and we are proud to show off his work at our booth at the Nordbygg 2012, Mattias Sebell, Marketing Manager ESSVE, says.

About Cli Stone Art

Cli Stone is an artist from Stockholm, who has studied art at the University of Miami. In addition to having lived in Miami, he has also lived in Seattle, London, Warsaw, Stockholm, Halmstad, Uppsala, and Munster. The differences in these cities and cultures has inspired him in his artistry. Cli Stone's client base is in Europe, Dubai and Los Angeles. His two series "Woman" and "Card" are made from many different materials, and are available in numerous versions and sizes. For more information please visit:

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