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They celebrate the concept car anniversary by organizing the first conference on women buying power

Pressmeddelande   •   Feb 25, 2014 12:00 CET

The Volvo concept car YCC is now turning ten.

Ampersand celebrates the anniversary by showing Europe the power of women’s money by arranging the conference Women Buying Power – She decides 80 % in Copenhagen 3-4 March.

Ten years ago, the four owners and founders of Ampersand were all employed by Volvo Cars, and developed the YCC concept car, popularly called the women’s car.

“It was a sleek, beautiful and very practical car, with stunning design, lots of smart storage, a connection between ergonomics and vision, and it is great to handle and manoeuver,” says Camilla Palmertz, who was the project leader of the YCC and now is managing the conference (she is also VP of Ampersand).

The YCC management team worked after the somewhat cocky theory: if you meet the expectations of women, you exceed the expectations of men.

The car dropped like a bomb in the automotive world, and got an enormous amount of positive publicity from all over the world.

“A lot of people were surprised that the car was not small, pink and cute. But that mainly reflects their own expectations. We always believed that the trick is including the woman without excluding the man,” says Tatiana Temm, communications manager for the YCC and program manager for the conference (and CEO of Ampersand).

Ten years later, still very few people talk about the buying power of women, although it is an established fact that she makes 80 per cent of all purchasing decisions – including big ticket items like cars, houses, insurances, and holidays.

“Most gender discussions in the business life are all about organisation and what number of women you find at different levels – and that is important, but not what we are dealing with. Our angle is how smart companies can increase their profitability,” says Tatiana Temm.

Together with Bodil Czarnecki from &Friends Communication, they formed Europe’s first conference around the buying power of women. During the two days in hotel Skt Petri in Copenhagen, the conference explains the topic from four aspects:

·  Innovation and product development – do you need to change your product to increase sales to women?

·  Marketing – some need to alter the message to reach women. Several surveys shows that bank and insurance is the group where women say “they don’t get me, I don't get it”.

·  Sales and service – how to you make the women buy, once they are in your store?

·  Research – Professors and researchers from a number of universities will share their knowledge.

“Our aim is that you will come back to your business full of new insights, tips and tricks, ready to increase the profit in your own business,” says Camilla Palmertz.

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Ampersand är ett affärsutvecklingföretag med starkt fokus på växande köpstarka kundgrupper utanför de traditionella ramarna. Ofta handlar det om kvinnor (eller män), om de som är över 55 eller de som är nysvenskar. De företag som lyckas ser till att träffa rätt inom områdena produktutveckling, budskap, kanaler och säljteknik.
Ampersand är Sveriges ledande expert på womenomics. Företaget ägs och drivs av fyra kvinnor som alla har rötterna i Volvos konceptbil YCC.