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Three Layered Business Modeling Generation workshop at Hjälpmedelsinstitutet

Pressmeddelande   •   Dec 17, 2012 11:07 CET

The workshop at Hjälpmedelsinstitutet(HI) was started with a welcome by the Director of HI Jan Grönlund and a presentation by Oscar Jonsson followed with another presentation by workshop facilitators Helene Nuder and Tomas Hallberg from SPIUT management.

The presentation from Helene Nuder and Tomas Hallberg started a discussion on the how to define innovation within the welfare system. This led to the following conclusions:

  • “Innovation is a way to create solutions”
  • “The definition is not interesting it is what we do that matters”
  • “Definition of innovation in the welfare system is not different from innovation in private sector, the dynamics are different ”

The workshop consisted of exploring the business model generation, first created by Alexander Osterwalder et al. and then further refined by Bengt Järrehult et al.

The original model developed by Osterwalder et al. is designed to explore all the different components of a business model. To further understand the depth of the customer and distribution chain another canvas on customer value was developed, and to further understand the individual customer, an empathy canvas was developed. You work in steps  go from insight by empathy to value from product and then value from business model. All these canvasses aim to deepen the understanding of an individual customer and how to refine a business model around that person/customer segment.

The case which the model was used on was how to implement a Digital Social Alarm Service, this to be aimed at the modern elderly of 2020. The participants were divided into groups of 5-6 persons each with their own set of post-its and canvasses.

The results from the groups working with the model included an ecosystem with provided services, devices for collecting data and detecting deviations and then alarming i.e a seamless lifestyle surveillance, integrated platform with apps delivering services e.g a municipal appstore.

The day was wrapped up with people sharing their experience of the three layered business model generation canvasses. Some of the comments were:

“You can use the model to broaden your perspective”

“Not only the product is innovative the whole business model is”

  -Article by Linus Wågberg

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Activity: iP Tank Meeting 4
Date: 4th - 5th December 2012
Place: Hjälpmedelsinstitutet, Sundbyberg
Participants: 27
Profil of participants: Innovation practitioners
Hosting Company: Hjälpmedelsinstitutet

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