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To build a business in 10 weeks

Pressmeddelande   •   Dec 11, 2013 13:18 CET

On December 4th, Chalmers Innovation’s held their Demo Day for the 4th time at Visual Arena, Lindholmen. The teams from the Start-Up Camp presented its findings, results as well as ideas. It was a huge interest and when the doors were closed, it was packed.

"It is always exciting and inspiring to listen to these motivated entrepreneurs, who have managed in such short time as 10 weeks, to get so far with their business ideas. I look forward to follow them and their results further, some of them will probably go really far. Driven entrepreneurs are essential for the region's future, and Demo Day showed that they exit here, in the West of Götaland,” said Sophia Litsne, VGR.

About Start-Up Camp

Start-Up Camp is for driven, innovative entrepreneurial teams, which during 10 weeks develops their product and test customer service. To assist the teams, not only taking part of the Chalmers Innovation experience, expertise and network of investors, it also includes guest lectures as well as the team have 24/7 access to office space at Chalmers Innovation, Stena Center. All of this drives the entrepreneurs forward, during these 10 weeks. The most successful teams have after this period, a chance to get funded by Chalmers Innovation or external investors. For this past Fall Camp, 14 business ideas were submitted out of 50 applicants. 11 of these, survived after 10 weeks and as much as 50 percent have already established clients.

”Chalmers Innovation Startup Camp, with its experience, mentors and contacts have been a great support in our start-up phase. Having had the opportunity to participate in the camp has helped us to focus our energies in the right direction and therefore accelerated our company's development.  We’ve also got to meet other companies in similar situations and to exchange experience, which have been very rewarding. During these 10 weeks, that the camp lasted, we have also had a lot of fun together! "said Daniel Dahlen , Aracne AB. Participants of Autumn Camp,  2013.

"This year's participants have once again surprised us with their drive and ability to come incredibly far in just 10 weeks. With the support of all the successes, we will now increase the flow even more for the Spring Start-Up Camp, "said Per Sahlin, Chalmers Innovation, in charge of the Start-Up Camps.

Now it's time again to look ahead at the Spring Camp that starts in late February.
So, are you a driven entrepreneur with a technology based business idea? Please, read more and contact us at:

Chalmers Innovation – we build entrepreneurship

Chalmers Innovation identifies, develops and finances technology-based growth companies. Established in 1999, Chalmers Innovation have been instrumental in starting of 115 companies. Evaluating 2 500 ideas. The companies had in 2011  a total turnover of 558 million  SEK and 406 employees. These companies have received a total funding of 1.5 billion SEK. These results make Chalmers Innovation Sweden’s leading idea investor and business developer. Chalmers Innovation is selected to be included in regional and national investments from Innovationsbron and Västra Götaland.

Chalmers Innovation is supported by the EU Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP)