Tolpagorni announce Scania Product manager Niklas Engholm as the winner of the Golden Sock award

Pressmeddelande   •   Mar 31, 2015 16:34 CEST

The winner of 2015 Golden Sock Award is Niklas Engholm at Scania. The motivation is that Niklas has carried out the work as responsible for products on key Scania markets with an outstanding dedication and focus. Since Niklas took on the position, three years ago, he has continuosly worked with building the understanding of the customers needs and orchestrating the hand over to the development as well as defining the product demands. When Niklas takes a day off from the office - he often spend it with users, asking questions to further build a true understanding of the challengers that the users of the products face.

The result from this dedicated work has been an increas in sales and also an increase in market share in important markets.

The Golden Sock Award was handed over at the Product leadership day, the yearly event when product management within the B2B and hightech industry professionals meet to gain new insights and share experiences. The award was handed over by Dan Höjer being the author of the book Strumpmannen.

At Tolpagorni we believe that the character Strumpmannen, the superhero of small problems by Dan Höjer, represents the working situation of many Product Managers. Therefore we have initiated the Golden Sock Award to provide recognition for the achievements of the everyday heroes in the product management organization.


The product management function is key in the success of the continued development of world leading products and solutions. As the demands in the market change rapidly over time many small and big decisions have to be made to secure the continued success of the product. This is when the product manager steps in handling complex situations, taking decisions many times based on insufficient information and with no time to investigate. Product manager are truly the heroes behind the scenes juggling with these multi dimensional situations joining technology, market insights and strategy implementation with limited resources.


The other nominees for the award was Magnus Oolofsson at Profoto, Anna Westerlind at Aditro, Marco Tapia at Ericsson and Mikael Andersson at Interspiro.


The jury consisted of a number of the experienced product managers listed below:

The Jury

anaj s LinkedIn

Anja Simonsson, Market Communications Manager at Alfa Laval

klas LinkedIn

Klas Orsvärn, Founder and Executive Vice President,Tacton

eva LinkedIn

Eva Skoglund, Sr. Market Manager, Wind River

Sandberg LinkedIn

Fredrik Sandberg, VP Product Management, Accedo.Tv

images LinkedIn

Erik Bjernulf, Chairman, Tolpagorni Product Management

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