Tolpagorni holding Product management training in China

Pressmeddelande   •   Mar 26, 2014 17:16 CET

Many global organisations need to distribute Product management competence in their global organisation. Tolpagorni will hold a training session on site in China for the Chineese team at a Swedish Telecom manufacturer.

The dialogue with B2B customers demands technical understanding but also good business know-how and a tight link with the central team and ways-of-working. This is where Product management competence and Resources are needed. It is important to build a common understanding in the distributed team and a ways-of-working that assist an efficient "inbound" as well as "outbound" communication and collaboration.

Being close to the customer, the local team creates Market insight based on their understanding of the conditions in the local market. Market insight that is used in the Product planning for future products. They also handle the dialogue with the customer and build the long term relationship and credibility based on technical know-how.

The local Product management team in most cases also communicate the Product marketing content used for the Marketing and Sales Communication in their market.

How do you ensure that the ways-of-working is distributed in all parts of your global organisation? How do you build a common understanding in Product management?

"Product management training is needed in all parts of the organisation. Centrally from a Strategy and Product planning perspective and locally to ensure a consistent way-of-working and know-how for what and how to do. That is why we establish a Tolpagorni training centre in China," says Magnus Billgren, CEO and founder of Tolpagorni Product managent

Tolpagorni Product Management is a specialist Company in Product mangement. Our mission is to  make our customers become more efficient in creating the right products. We help high technology companies within B2B as consultants as well as in the daily operation. Tolpagorni holds open trainings to build competence in product management as well as company specific trainings on site.

Tolpagorni is the initiator to Product Leadership days and the Network for Product managers.