Tolpagorni Product management training in Poland

Pressmeddelande   •   Nov 21, 2016 17:10 CET

Tolpagorni is currently running a certified ISPMA training program in Warsaw, Poland. The need for skilled product managers in the high tech industry is rapidly growing. To establish an efficient ways of working and a suitable tool-box for the product management team is an investment to ensure the development of the right and relevant products and their success in the market. More and more companies understand this and the ISPMA training establish a common perspective and a nomenclature what product management is about and why.

The training is a certified training at foundation level for experienced product managers. The ISPMA framework for product management is a research based structure for the many areas related to product management. The training establishes an understanding of the framework and the areas it covers and how they are related to product management and each other. A number of tools and methodologies are presented during the training related to the different areas with a mix of theory, discussions, case presentations and mini workshops. 

Successful companies in the high-tech arena work typically on a global market. Coordination and communication is more and more complex in a global Product management organisation. This is one of the reasons why it is more and more importance to form a mutual understanding of the concepts used within the Product management function but also an understanding for the interfaces with other parts of the organisation and how the responsibilities interact and relate to each other. Tolpagorni use the ISPMA framework as a foundation in all its trainings, thus ensuring a structured and research based platform and perspective on the Product management function.

“Companies that understand the importance of the product management function and organise the collaboration between Product Management and other departments in a structured and efficient manner will have a significant advantage in developing and launching products in the B2B market,” says Magnus Billgren CEO and founder of Tolpagorni.

Tolpagorni Product Management is a specialist Company in Product management. Our mission is to assist our customers to become more efficient in creating the right products. We help high technology companies within B2B as consultants as well as in the daily operation. Tolpagorni holds open trainings to build competence in product management as well as company specific trainings held on site.