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Tom Ford nominated for The Ingmar Bergman International Debut Award

Pressmeddelande   •   Jan 18, 2010 16:51 CET

The Ingmar Bergman International Debut Award is the film award which is discovering new talent. Among this year’s nominées are the fashion designer Tom Ford and a Mulholland Drive, Argentinian style.

Ingmar Bergman blessed the festival’s Bergman award with the words "The award is a way of encouraging young filmmakers to deal with really important issues at a time when the film industry has more and more assumed the shape and form of a butchery and fornication business! "
The award goes to: "a director making his or her debut with a film dealing with existential issues in a broad sense and displaying a dynamic or experimental awareness of the cinematic means of expression."

The nominees are:
Lucia Puenzo, Argentine, for The Fish Child
Contact: Manlin Sterner, MK2, tel: +33144 673011, e-mail: manlin.sterner@mk2.com

Tom Ford, USA, for A Single Man
Contact: Helena Stenberg, SF, tel: +46 (0)8-680 3532, e-mail: helena.stenberg@sf.se

Shahram Alidi, Iraq, for Whisper With the Wind
Contact: Gudrun Burie, The PR Factory , tel: +33 6 37 80 18 57, e-mail: gudrun@theprfactory.com

Martin Zandvliet, Denmark, for Applause (Applaus)
Contact: Mikael Rieks, tel: + 45 3618 8200, e-mail: mikaelrieks@mac.com

Esther Rots, The Netherlands, for Can Go Through Skin (Kan door huid heen)
Contact: Charlotte Renaut, Films Boutique, tel: +49 3069537850, e-mail: charlotte@filmsboutique.com

Maren Ade, Germany, for Everyone Else (Alle anderen)
Contact: Stephen Lan, tel:  +49 172 200 66 86, e-mail: lan.stephen@sympatico.ca

Lee Suk-Gyung, South Corea, for The Day After
Contact: Francis Chung, CJ Entertainment, tel: +82 2 2017 1211, e-mail: fchung0422@cj.net

Oliver Hermanus, South Africa, for Shirley Adams
Contact: Aida Li Pera, Visit Films, tel: +1 718 312 8210, e-mail: al@visitfilms.com

The TIBIDA-jury consists of:
Jörn Donner, director, Finland, Enrique Rivero, director, Mexiko, Angela Kóvacs, actor, Sverige.

The Ingmar Bergman International Debut Award is awarded during the Dragon Awards Gala on February 6.

The prize consists of a Dragon Statuette, one week's stay at the Bergman Week on Fårö during the summer of 2010, a box of Bergman DVDs from the Bergman foundation and a beautiful engraved stone from Ingmar Bergman's Fårö.
The award was inaugurated during the Göteborg International Film Festival 2007 when the winner was Andrea Arnold for Red Road. 2008 Jaime Rosales got the award for his Solitary Fragments and in 2009 the winner was Mexican; Enrique Rivero with Parque Vía.

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