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Tornedalssmycken Online

Pressmeddelande   •   Feb 15, 2013 18:31 CET

Buy our beautiful collection of Tornedalssmycken Jewelry Online!

All jewelry designer in Haparanda with Tornedalsvägen flower as a model for the craft blacksmith hand already in the 1800s and became known and strongly associated with the company COPersson.

COPersson made to manage on the hand-forged and hand-engraved silver jewelery and silverware now being launched online.

The jewelery is currently available in 925 silver and 18K gold - red or white - with two different machined surfaces - glossy / matte satin brushed. The engraving is a reproduction of the very rare Finnmyrtenblomman that only occurs in Norrbotten towers along the river. Besides Tornedalssilver Jewelry is also Finnmyrtenblomman on silver cutlery colloquially called Tornedalssilver.

Welcome to shop online in our new online store with jewelry of precious metals in the original Tornedals Silver Design from COPersson.


At C.O.Persson You find genuin hand engraved silver, made of the model from the flower in Tornedalen where the river is shared with people from the southcoast to the mountain in lapland, in two different country, Sweden and Finland.

The pattern and flower that decorates this model is engraved by hand the latin named Chamaedáphne calyculáta "Finnmyrten"
It is found in Tornedalen and have been exported over the entire world under 1900 century, it can bee found in Swedish ambassy, and was a relase gift in the second world ward to US-soldiers who served in Germany.