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August 2, 2008
Contact: Annika Sundin, MD, Details from Sweden AB
Phone: +46 76 842 66 22

Today's tourists are citizens of the world - they love to travel and want to learn more. In order to meet the increased demands Swedish Details launches a personal guide service: Swedish Guide.

Stockholm - a popular tourist destination

Stockholm has in recent years become an appealing city to visit. For example, TaxFree purchases and refunds have increased by 15 percent between January to July of this past year, compared to the same period last year.

"Sweden has introduced the queen of fairy tales, Astrid Lindgren, and movie star, Greta Garbo to the world. Now we are happy to introduce Swedish Details and Swedish Guide. Stockholm is crawling with tourists, but we must also tend to the need for quality and service that the tourists are looking for. All major ranking cities have a variety of guide services - this is why we launched a personal guide for Stockholm", says Annika Sundin, MD, Details from Sweden AB, the company behind Swedish Details and Swedish Guide.

Personal guide - for the citizens of the world
Swedish Details offers personal guides to visitors in Stockholm. Swedish Details is unique in that the customer chooses the whole tour. All booked directly on, the personal guide meets the customer at an arranged place and from there takes the customer on a fully customized guided tour.

Says Sundin, "Today's tourists want to be surprised and discover something new, therefore, these experiences are tailor-made. The customer decides how the tour should carry out. Either the customer chooses between some of Stockholm's most popular sights, recommended by Swedish Details, or suggests their own spots to visit. Our professional guides listen to specific needs of the customer and brings the customer on an unforgettable tour."

Swedish Details - a one-stop-shop
Swedish Details offers the customer an unforgettable guided tour. In addition, environmental and high-quality Swedish products with a clear origin can also be found at

"The customer has a unique experience in Stockholm. Once home again, they can bake genuine Swedish country-style bread, wear an authentic, home knitted cap, set the table with a handmade glass dish and be sure that no one else has the same dish," completes Sundin.

Source: Global Refund and Details from Sweden AB.
Not. TaxFree turnover includes only those customers who do not live in the EU.

BOILERPLATE is the new online Swedish boutique. Swedish Details offers Swedish design and handicraft products that are eco-friendly combined with the Swedish way of life - trendsetting and inspiring. At Swedish Details you also find guide services as your personal guide to Stockholm. Sweden. Wherever you are.

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