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TradeTech Consulting strengthens commitment to SBAB

Pressmeddelande   •   Jan 26, 2010 16:16 CET

TradeTech Consulting, leading provider of consulting services to the treasury, asset management and capital markets space, have renewed their support agreement with SBAB. TradeTech is committed to continue supporting SBAB and their Wallstreet Suite (formerly Trema’s FinanceKIT) installation, providing application support through TradeTech Business Support and on-site resources.

“We have worked with TradeTech since 1998 and found them to be a flexible and reliable partner” says Johan Brisell, Application Specialist at SBAB.

“TradeTech were part of SBAB’s initial Wallstreet Suite/FinanceKIT installation team and have helped us integrate the solution into our existing infrastructure. Their main focus has been the technical aspects of FinanceKIT but given that our installation is Oracle-based, TradeTech’s Oracle expertise has been of great value to us as we continuously develop and streamline our use of FinanceKIT” says Anette Hemberg, System Specialist at SBAB.

“TradeTech have served SBAB for more than a decade. We take pride in building and maintaining long-term relationships with our customers and are extremely pleased that SBAB have chosen to secure this level of support from us” says Joakim Wiener, CEO at TradeTech Consulting.

“I was part of the initial FinanceKIT installation team at SBAB years ago and have supported their solution ever since,” says Peter Schelin, consultant at TradeTech Consulting. “I look forward to continue contributing to, and learning from, SBAB’s innovative treasury team.” 

About TradeTech Consulting

TradeTech Consulting is a leading provider of consulting services to the treasury, asset management and capital markets space.  TradeTech also provides customized business intelligence solutions tailored to these segments. Established in 1998, TradeTech serves four of Sweden’s top six corporates, as well as leading banks, corporations, asset managers and insurance companies worldwide. Visit TradeTech at

About SBAB

SBAB offers residential mortgages and savings via the Internet and telephone, and also grants loans to the corporate sector. SBAB’s mission is to operate a profitable business that contributes to sharpening competition in the Swedish residential mortgage market.