TräTeknik Göteborg Invitation

Pressmeddelande   •   Aug 21, 2012 14:25 CEST

Dear Mr.  ,

The Sales Team of MiCROTEC is pleased to welcome you to the wood trade fair Wood Products & Technology 2012 in Göteborg from 21st to 24th of August. We believe it to be a unique opportunity to meet up again to discover how MiCROTEC scanning equipment and optimization solutions can further support your business success.

MiCROTEC provides the wood processing industry with innovative and value optimizing solutions for over 32 years now. MiCROTEC will take advantage of the trade show to illustrate how the single systems can be integrated, combined and customized. Highly qualified experts will demonstrate how to get the most out of MiCROTEC solutions.

In particular, we are proud to highlight our scanning systems, such as ViSCAN, the worldwide most certified solution for strength grading. The grading solution ViSCAN can be integrated with MiCROTEC’s Multi-Sensor Quality Scanner, GOLDENEYE including full Multi-Sensor information of the boards.

Allow us to also point out the worldwide unique industrial computer tomography for logs, CT.LOG. CT.LOG captures in 3D all internal features of timber adding maximum value to sawmilling. CT.LOG has been developed for heavy-duty and high performing sawmills for logs. The first CT.LOG is already operational at a customer in the USA. Installations in Chile and France will follow in the upcoming months. We are glad to share all the news of defect recognition and value optimization with you.

We are looking forward meeting you and your team!

Dott. Ing. Federico Giudiceandrea