Transit Broadband selects InCoax for fast broadband access

Pressmeddelande   •   Nov 24, 2011 09:10 CET

Täby, Sweden, November 23, 2011. Transit Broadband, with operations primarily in north of Stockholm, chooses InCoax Networks for its expansion in order to give their subscribers access to fast broadband and future related services, such as IPTV, over the existing in-building coaxial networks.

InCoax Networks is the pioneer in utilizing the home networking standard MoCA (Multimedia over Coax Alliance) for the use in apartment buildings and housing areas. With the InCoax Gigabit over Coax technology (GoCA) the existing infrastructure, the houses coaxial networks, originally only intended for the distribution of radio and TV signals, can be used for fast broadband access. This technology gives the operators an opportunity to provide their subscribers with fast broadband together with associated services, such as IPTV and IP telephony. Utilizing an unused frequency band in the newtwork, installation is easy, fast and at a low cost.

Transit Broadband, through its local presence, and more than twenty years of operation, are given the necessary conditions to respond to their customers' requirements for an effective communications solution. InCoax technology opens new opportunities to reach customers who previously did not connect to fast broadband.

The innovative InCoax GoCA technology makes it easy to connect a multi-apartment building, without new cabling. A Coax Link Controller, installed in the basement, connects the incoming fiber to the in-building coax network and the broadband backbone, giving the subscribers access to 100 Mbps broadband through a home modem.

- InCoax GoCA solution is very attractive to us because it allows us to broaden our customer base. We will strengthen our competitiveness and profitability, says Jonas Moberg, CEO, Transit Broadband AB.

The GoCA solution consists of one or more Coax Link Controller in each building, or building area, and a Coax Link Access Modem in every home. Together with the Coax Link Management system it forms of a full access network using the existing coax network. A Coax Link Controller provides up to Gbps data bandwidth over the in-building network and is designed as a low-cost and easy-to-deploy solution.

The GoCA solution is scalable and a single Coax Link Controller supports up to 124 clients, with rate control on a per client basis. Operating above the regular TV signals and providing frequency agility between 800 MHz and 1500 MHz, with the opportunity to add additional Coax Link Controllers to support more clients. In addition, delivering operator-class robustness and unmatched bandwidth over long distance, the GoCA solution represents the highest performance benchmark.

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Helge Tiainen, Product Marketing Manager
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Transit Bredband contact:

 Jonas Moberg, VD

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About InCoax Networks

InCoax Networks AB is engineering the future of home access networking and provides next-generation 100+ Mbps products and software technologies to the world's leading telecom and broadband service providers. Since the Company is a worldwide pioneer in the MoCA-access area, many telecommunication and broadband operators around Europe already uses its innovative solutions for high-speed broadband access. The Company’s technology uses existing in-building coaxial cables at frequencies above 862 MHz, thus transforming the way in which telecom and broadband operators can deliver high-speed Internet and high-definition (HD) IPTV to the entire home. The InCoax Head Office is located in Sweden and the Company is driven by Sweden’s long tradition in the telecom industry. InCoax has sales offices in Jyväskylä, Paris, Milan, and Sofia. For more information, visit InCoax at


About Transit Broadband
Transit Broadband will be a leading provider of broadband services such as television, Internet and IP telephony services to businesses and private customers in the northern part of municipalities. We want to provide a reliable solution with high quality and service. We have chosen to work with secure technology and high capacity to offer attractive services today and tomorrow. Through our cooperation, we want to provide our customers services and communications solutions that extend beyond municipal boundaries at both regional and national level. When property owners, business or residential customers are in the process of choosing a TV and broadband provider for the future, Transit Broadband should be the obvious choice.
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