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Trig Social Media ABs (publ) New Instant Messenger App 'HEYHEY' now available for download!

Pressmeddelande   •   Maj 23, 2014 15:14 CEST

Trig Social Media AB (public ) and its wholly owned subsidiary Trig Entertainment AB are please to announce that its Instant messager application “HEYHEY” will be available for download for android phones as of today,  Friday 23rd of May .

This free to download product adds to the range of social media from TRIG.

Trig will add user engagement features to this application to interest and excite users of all ages.

HEYHEY is designed for easy communication by users in all countries, with a focus on real social media in action “saying hello"

Trig Social Media AB through its web site is a global social media platform designed as a social communication platform for life. 

The parent company, Trig Media Group AB, was founded in July 2003 and was earlier named Mobicard Media Group AB.  

Trig is a social media platform which, contrary to most similar platforms, also contains an income generator in the form of ZebraPays which is the trade name for an automated cash back generator. Trig has about 4 million registered members. A patent application has been filed for ZebraPays automated cash back generator.

Trig´s head office is located in Stockholm Sweden but the social media platform has users worldwide. Trig will be publicly quoted on a major International Stock Exchange within short.

The market for online shopping is growing and retailers are looking at many methods of attracting clients , we hope to be a major source for them.

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