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In January 2009, Tropical Islands' sauna & spa complex was awarded the
"Premium" (5 star) quality mark of the German sauna association, the
"Deutsche Sauna-Bund e.V." Faithfully replicated buildings and lovingly created
backdrops provide a unique atmosphere.

The unique tropical rainforest sauna & spa complex was opened in August 2007.
With its completion, a further important milestone was reached in the development
of the Tropical Islands project. During a construction period of only four
months, six different areas were created over an area roughly the size of one
and a half football fields (around 10,000 square metres). These backdrops are
modelled on cultural sites in far away countries.

The Elephanta Temple
The Elephanta Temple in Tropical Islands is modelled on the original in India on a
scale of 1:1.5. The Indian rock-hewn temple, which is located on an island off the
coast of Bombay, was built in the 8th century.

In Tropical Islands it invites guests to dream of 1001 nights: The Trimurti Crystal
World, a precious stone steam bath with three exclusive bathing zones – amethyst,
rock glass and rose quartz – entice you to enter a magical, glittering world.
The mild temperatures of this steam bath, ranging between 42 and 45°, with
100 percent humidity, have a cleaning and a gentle, nursing effect on the respiratory
organs. In front of the entrance to the temple is the Ganges jacuzzi foot
basin. The footbath relaxes and opens up the blood vessels so that the heat is
quickly dissipated to the outside. Special sparkling massages on the floor rejuvenate
the foot reflexology zones. Ayurveda treatments round off the feel-good
offer in the Elephanta Temple.

The Angkor Wat Temple
This area is modelled on the world-famous Cambodian temple with its legendary
giant tree. The section replicated in 1:1 scale also takes into account the central
design element of the original temple site: A giant stone bust of the Hindu god
Vishnu, to whom the builders, the Khmer, dedicated the main temple.
Inside the Angkor Wat temple is the Vishnu Sauna Temple, a stone sauna. At
temperatures of around 90°C, low humidity and regular infusions, here guests
can take a sauna on three different levels.

The obligatory cooling off after a spell in a sauna is ensured by the vitality
showers and by the fine spray mist in the Misty Grotto. A dedicated area for
lying down in a pleasant tropical atmosphere is available for a resting phase in
the Angkor Wat Temple.

The Alcantara Gorse
The whole Alcantara area with its black basalt rock and the bizarre rock-cut structure
is based on the Sicilian original, the Alcantara Gorse. The gorge, up to 50
metres deep, is named after the River Alcantara which flows through it.
The Alcantara Canyon in Tropical Islands offers guests two sauna and wellness
options: The Gunung Mulu Salt Grotto Meditation is a sweat bath and takes its
name from the national park of the same name, the largest cave system in Malaysia.
After the detoxification process in the sweat bath, vitality showers are
available outside.

Another grotto in the basalt stone complex contains the Campur Campur Natural
Beauty Sauna. Campur Campur is Malaysian and means "a mixture of different
possibilities". Because in this healing earth bath the guest chooses between different
beauty, health and care packs. The gentle, nursing mud is applied and dry
on the skin. At the same time, the room is filled with herb vapours. These allow
the healing mud pack to become supple again. A warm rain shower from the
ceiling cleans and relaxes. The ritual lasts between 35 and 40 minutes.
The Waiotapu

The jacuzzi landscape in Tropical Islands reminds guests of the natural phenomenon
of a geyser and is based on the Waiotapu nature conservation area in New
Zealand. Waiotapu comes from the vocabulary of the Maori, the aboriginal inhabitants
of New Zealand and means "holy water". With 38°C water temperature,
water jets in 3 pools produce a pleasant massage effect on the back and
spine. The sparkling water technique promotes circulation in the body. In the
evening, light effects with a varied play of colours provide additional relaxation.

The Jungle Village
The picturesque Jungle Village consists of a wooden pile dwelling around 5 metres
high and other jungle huts in which various sauna, aroma and relaxation
experiences are offered.

The wooden pile dwelling is the home of the Salasaca Tree Sauna. Salasaca are
South American highland farmers. At temperatures between 80 and 95 degrees
Celsius and a humidity of only 5 to 10 percent, the sauna guests are captivated
by the scent of natural wood.

The Jungle Village also includes the Guruwari Blossom Steam Bath. "Guruwari"
is the name given by Australian aborigines to the power of the seed which each
plant leaves in the earth as a seedling. Based on this word meaning, the room is
modelled on a natural calyx and the walls are decorated with colourful flower
patterns. At 45 degrees Celsius and 100 percent humidity, the steam bath guests
are surrounded by natural aromas.

The Inipi Herb Sweat Lodge is dedicated to the North American Shaman people
the "Lakota". They invented sweat lodges in which the infusion is added with
herbs. In the tropical herbal bath, this herb infusion is repeated at seven minute

Apart from these saunas and baths, the Jungle Village also contains rooms for
massages, solaria, 4 additional vitality showers and the Kinabulu ice springs
and these allow guests to forget the cares of everyday life.

The Asia House
The Asia House is modelled on a Japanese pavilion. With a total area of around
300 square metres and a height of 11 metres, the two-storey building is roughly
the size of a two-family house. Anyone looking for silence will find it in this
building made of Asian timbers. Peace and meditation rooms are provided for
this purpose on two floors.

Upstairs is the Tropical Islands Fitness Club, where guests can work out to a
fantastic backdrop of Asian temples overlooking the Rainforest. The airconditioned
rooms feature the most up-to-date equipment to help guests train
the different muscle groups. There are also numerous bicycle ergometers, treadmills
and cross-trainers for those who prefer to build their stamina.

Sea Shell Beach Café
Apart from the six sauna and wellness areas, special catering completes the offer
in Europe's largest tropical sauna landscape. In the Sea Shell Beach Café, guests
can enjoy Indian tandoori cuisine. The word tandoori comes from Hindi and
means "dish cooked in a stove". A tandoor is therefore an Indian cylindrical wood
charcoal oven. The tandoors in the restaurant are made of clay. Depending on
the guests' wishes, meat, fish, vegetables or fruit are cooked, grilled or baked on
hot lava stones. The dishes are all prepared without fat and are therefore offer
light nourishment – ideal after a visit to a sauna.

Admission prices
Adults 25.00 EUR
Children aged 4-14 years 19.50 EUR
Toddlers up to age 3 years free
Reduced rate 22.50 EUR
(Seniors from 65 years of age, disabled persons from 70 % disability)
Fitness Club 5.00 EUR per day

A one-off charge of 8.50 EURO is made for changing to the Tropical World.
With the favourably priced Combi Ticket, guests save part of the surcharge for
entry to the Tropical Sauna & Spa Complex or the Tropical World.

The Combi Ticket costs:
Adults 30.00 EUR
Children aged 4-14 years 19.50 EUR
Pensioners 27.50 EUR
Toddlers up to age 3 free
The opening hours
Daily from 09:00 until 01:00 h (subject to change without notice)

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Dated: January 2010