TUR 2010


Pressmeddelande   •   Feb 25, 2010 09:41 CET

The 27 metre high water slide tower at Tropical Islands is a sensation for
every age group. Four different descents are available for family fun: From
the leisurely inner-tube slide to the power turbo slide, on which speeds of
up to 70 kilometres per hour have been reached.

There are 110 steps up to the top platform of Germany's highest water slide
tower. From here, you have a breathtaking view of Europe's largest tropical holiday
world. By comparison: The 27 metre height is the same as that of a 9-storey
skyscraper. Having reached the top, you have also arrived at the start of the
power turbo slide: A slightly curved tube leads directly down to pure ride pleasure.
Speeds of up to 70 kilometres per hour have already been reached here,
covering a 76 metre long course.

At the bottom, at the base of the slide tower is the wide green wavy slide made
of stainless steel. Here the youngest guests can enjoy themselves! Wide enough
for toddlers to slide down together with their parents or grandparents, the slide
provides plenty of space over a length of 21 metres.

The red Crazy-River-Slide is with its inner-tubes is a little more turbulent. It is 112
metres long. And the large yellow water slide offers even more action along 149
metres. The slide paths are curved and partly circular. They all guarantee plenty
of fun!

Opening hours: Daily 9:00 - 1:00 h
Price: 3.50 EUR per day
Note: The slides are sports equipment, guests use them at their
own risk. Safety instructions posted on the slide tower must
be observed at all times.

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