Tunaspot integrates Soundcloud content

Pressmeddelande   •   Nov 05, 2013 16:01 CET

Tunaspot releases a new iPhone version, adding Soundcloud as the new additional streaming service inside the Tunaspot app. 

Except for several thousands of location based Spotify playlists, shared by Tunaspot users, the mobile application now also offers you to tune in to full DJ-sets and live concert recordings from top clubs around the world. 

So update your Tunaspot for iOS and take a stroll down the streets of your city. Most likely you will find a DJ-set or a recording of a live show located at your favorite club or concert venue. 

"While Spotify playlists created by our users usually represent their individual playlists with selected tracks to fit their office, gym, summer house or travel, the Soundcloud integration offers a whole new library of live music and underground indie tracks to be discovered at the actual recording locations. 

Now you can find both Spotify and Soundcloud music around you and play both types of content directly in the Tunaspot app. In the future we want to allow our users to share and discover all types of music content (Spotify, Deezer, Soundcloud, Rdio etc.) in Tunaspot, making it a truly platform-agnostic application for location based music." says Stefan Fisk, co-founder.

First out among the clubs featured in the new version of Tunaspot are some top nightclubs in Stockholm, Copenhagen, Berlin, Amsterdam and Dublin but we will be adding DJ-sets and live-recordings to the Tunaspot-map on a daily basis. 

For instance, if you are in Berlin, why not swing by Berghain to listen to the live recording of Ben Klock that we have dropped there? Or why not check it out the next time you go clubbing at Berghain. 

At the moment, adding Soundcloud content and a place-holder for your club is a premium feature. If you want your night club or concert venue featured on the Tunaspot music map, please send us an email at content@tunaspot.com.

Download Tunaspot for iPhone and discover what your city sounds like!    

Tunaspot is a location based music platform developed in colabortation with Spotify, Soundcloud and Foursquare. Imagine a map where you can zoom in onto a tiny beach house in Brazil and tune in to their public playlists. Imagine coming to Barcelona, opening you smartphone and getting the music profiles for all the cool clubs and bars around you: listen to the Dj-set from the club around the corner or to the jazz fusion Spotify list from Barcelona’s best jazz café further down the street.

Tunaspot won four prizes in Swedish Venture cup 2012. The Spotify App released august 2012 recieved much attention from international music and tech press. In August 2013 Tunaspot released an app for iPhone which recieved attention from The Next Web, Venture Beat och Feber, among others.