Turn up the taste in lighter ice

Pressmeddelande   •   Okt 31, 2005 09:54 CET

Experience Aura™ Flavours in ice creams with no added sugar and a low glycaemic index

Consumers looking to cut back on sugar and reduce the glycaemic impact of their diets are in for a real treat with Aura™ Flavours for low glycaemic and low or no sugar ice creams.

These six new flavourings from Danisco have been specifically developed to give the health-conscious ice cream a rich, well-balanced flavour. Masking the poor back notes often associated with artificial sweeteners, Aura™ Flavours are consistent performers, improving flavour quality in almost any ice cream recipe.

Aura™ Flavours are based on Danisco's combined strengths in sugar production and flavour creation. By mapping the taste differences between sugar and artificial sweeteners, Danisco has identified various low-calorie components in sugar raw materials that, when synergistically combined with specific flavour notes, make artificially sweetened products taste more like those containing full sugar.

Consumers may be more aware of their health, but a good taste should still never be compromised. Using Aura™ Flavours, manufacturers can be sure to turn their no/low sugar and low glycaemic ice creams into the sensory experience consumers expect.


Provide excellent flavour impact in no/low sugar and low glycaemic ice cream
Mask the poor back notes often associated with artificial sweeteners
Maintain a consistent flavour
Improve flavour length and depth
Strengthen brand loyalty
The range

Aura™ Flavours have been created as a unique set of formulation tools for use by new product developers. They are intended to be an integral part of any no/low sugar or low glycaemic ice cream application, where artificial sweeteners are used.

The following variants are currently available:

Aura™ Raspberry Flavour
Aura™ Strawberry Flavour
Aura™ Peach Flavour
Aura™ Vanilla Flavour
Aura™ Peppermint Flavour
Aura™ Chocolate Flavour
Aura™ Flavours are also available for virtually fat free, no sugar yogurts.

About Danisco
Danisco is a multinational company that develops and produces functional ingredients primarily for food and beverages. In addition to flavours, the range includes antimicrobials, antioxidants, enzymes, hydrocolloids, speciality fats, starter cultures and media, sweeteners and tailored blends The range is backed by top technical services, creating innovative, high quality solutions for the food industry worldwide. The company has sales and production facilities and innovation centres in 40 countries.

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Danisco develops and produces food ingredients primarily for the food and beverage industry and, to a lesser extent, for the non-food industry. Some 9,000 people are employed within the group's sales and production companies and innovation centres in 40 countries. Net sales of DKK 16.4 billion (EUR 2.2 billion) were reported in 2003/04.
Produced mainly from natural raw materials, the broad product range is backed by top technical services, creating innovative, high quality solutions for food and beverage products. The range includes antimicrobials, antioxidants, emulsifiers, enzymes, flavours, functional systems, speciality fats, speciality sweeteners, starter cultures and media, and textural ingredients. Danisco is also one of the largest and most efficient sugar producers in Europe.