Twingly introduces sponsored real-time services for media sites

Pressmeddelande   •   Dec 07, 2009 16:56 CET

The search company Twingly introduces a new solution for media sites to connect their editorial content to the real-time web and generate new revenues from sponsorship. First up is the website of Sweden's biggest daily Dagens Nyheter,, with a real-time feed with tweets about the climate conference in Copenhagen. The page is sponsored by the energy company Vattenfall.

The solution is based on the real-time service Twingly Live and enables media sites to connect to discussions about different topics on a sponsored web page. uses the service for a new section presenting a real-time flow of tweets about the climate conference in Copenhagen and the page is sponsored by Vattenfall. In this case, the choice has been made to filter out tweets containing an article link.

”Twingly develops services that make the real-time web more accessible by using different ways to linking the content of our media partner to the real time web," said Martin Källström, CEO of Twingly. ”User-generated content such as blog posts and comments have gained an increasingly important role in the web during the past five years. When real-time web users are contributing to the news selection, Twingly’s new services offer media web sites a way to be involved in this development while increasing their revenues.”

”Another interesting point with this new service is the business model based on sponsorships,” said Martin Källström. ”There is a need for innovative ideas about how media can create new revenues and a media site will probably consist of more content than just traditional advertising and editorial content in the future.”

Twingly’s real-time service for media sites can be customized in form and function, as well as business models. The service is based on real-time technology developed for Twingly Channels. With this new service advertisers become a new target group for Twingly and the company is expanding towards this new business area.

”We have recently recruited Annie Sarabia as a Business Developer, and she will work together with media agencies in Europe and America to develop attractive solutions for advertisers, media and everyone active on the real-time web," said Martin Källström. ”We believe this is a business area with great potential. Media must embrace the real-time web in order to continue to be a gathering place for the broad public.

The sponsored solution at is found here.The selection of the tweets displayed are based on the presence of a link to any of 70 different major media sites and contains the hashtag # cop15.

For more information, please contact:
Martin Källström, CEO Twingly
+46 73 362 86 54,,
Twitter: @martinkallstrom

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