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Understand and cure health problems with artificial intelligence

Pressmeddelande   •   Okt 16, 2012 09:01 CEST

A new application that uses artificial intelligence to help you cure minor health problems, is now available in the United Kingdom. With the app, you can ask questions to a virtual pharmacist in order to understand and cure more than 100 everyday ailments that can be self-treated at home. The Pharmacist App provides access to trusted medical information on iPhone and Android smartphones.

Artificial intelligence for self-diagnosis and self-care
The Pharmacist App provides access to Faith, a virtual pharmacist that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to answer questions on how to self-treat minor health problems such as haemorrhoids, athlete's foot, pubic lice and more. The app provides references to appropriate over-the-counter medications that are available in pharmacies. Faith's AI knowledge database is dynamically updated and increases in size every day thanks to crowdsourcing from questions posed by the app users. The app has been available in a Swedish version for several months, and has just now been released for the UK. The Pharmacist App is available in the App Store and Google Play now, search for Pharmacist or use the hyperlinks indicated below.

A quality assured service
The app has been developed by Scandinavian Outcomes AB. It contains information that is impartial and quality assured by licensed pharmacists. The service was nominated for the 2012 European SME eHealth Competition honoring the best eHealth innovations in Europe, and was furthermore nominated to the 2011 Sweden's Golden Mobile award in the health category and to Dagens Medicins 2011 award Guldpillret for the promotion of good and safe use of medicines. The app will also be presented at the next Health 2.0 conference in Berlin on November 6th.

Link to iOS app
Link to Android app
High resolution image of British virtual pharmacist Faith
Screenshots of app

About Scandinavian Outcomes AB
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