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Unique lingerie going flirty yet serious.

Pressmeddelande   •   Okt 17, 2012 17:59 CEST

Katarina Nyman, lingerie traveling international borders this winter.

Katarina Nyman Underwear, Lingerie and Dresses, SPRING/SUMMER COLLECTION 2012.

Autumn and winter 2012, has been another very exciting season for luxurious Lingerie and underwear designer Katarina Nyman.
Katarina Nyman works in a world combining soft materials, adding exquisite details and ultimately creating thrilling, unique pieces. The detail in her work is seen in every aspect and she brings beauty to each item.
Katarina Nyman has gained press in summer 2012 in, amongst others Dagens Nyheter, and Damernas Värld including ‘Martina väljer’. Mainly for her amazing lingerie design, but even more for her business sense, stamina and amazing character and drive to make her brand an international recognized one.

Katarina Nyman is expanding into new markets, with a revolutionary line of new items, and a separation into three different collections, the underwear Essentials, the lingerie Fashion and the Dresses. With the Essentials she is now making her debut at Åhlens City, the largest department store in Stockholm, Sweden.
‘The customer for Katarina Nyman is flirty, feminine and yet serious’ says Katarina, who feels that her brand is developing every day, with her team of advisors and marketing agent.

Just some of the wonderful items are the Sigrid Lycra from the pre-spring collection, which wearing it does not leave a woman unnoticed. Sharing the most luscious moments with the spring fashion like Kiki in the new Katarina Nyman signature lace and Alexandra, a dress for the charming yet flirty walks along the Southern boulevards. Alexandra is a hybrid of the Katarina Nyman successes Alex and Gabbi, now in amazing patterns.

Katarina Nyman is launching her new inspirational website to inspire the consumer, to deliver the latest news to press and to give the latest information about the products to retailers. The ecommerce site is following and creates convenient shopping from every home.

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