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UpHigh Chair elected to Board of SWESIF

Pressmeddelande   •   Jun 10, 2014 14:49 CEST

On May 20th 2014, during SWESIF:s annual meeting, Ms. Cecilia Seddigh, was elected to serve on the Board of SWESIF during the coming year. 

Cecilia, who combines her role as business developer at the Nordic fund management ODIN with that of the Chair at UpHigh AB, a boutique oriented advisory for corporate responsibility and sustainability, welcomes the appointment:

”I am truly happy to receive this appointment since it blends in very well with both my mandates in ODIN and UpHigh as well as my personal conviction of the importance of sustainability.  If there is one thing that I have learned these past years, it is that the areas of ESG and Sustainability are everything but "ready made" and that the solution always rests to be found in unlikely partnerships, synergies and bold innovation. The skill set of every actor is needed in order to help the financial community find new ways to address some of the social, environmental and economical challenges we are all facing, and SWESIF is a great organization for that dialogue to play out." 

SWESIF - or Sweden Sustainable Investment Forum - is an independent association working to promote sustainable and socially responsible investments in all its forms. Founded in 2003, SWESIF today groups together more than 30 institutional investors such as AMF, AP funds, Skandia, and Öhman - just to name a few. Represented by the breadth and depth of its members, SWESIF has grown to become a crucial hub for exchange of knowledge and ideas working to strengthen sustainable investments throughout the financial community.  To learn more about SWESIF, click here.

For UpHigh, the appointment of Cecilia is a positive development. Martin Hallberg, CEO of UpHigh, sees the appointment as a possibility to strengthen instrumental knowledge sharing and learning. 

"We see this as a great sign, partly that we are doing the right things and acting in the right forums, but even more so that the people around our company are appreciated in wider contexts. UpHigh has during the past year worked intensively together with its partners to launch Sweden's first certifiable executive education for Board of Directors within corporate responsibility. We are curious to learn if and how our approach in that area could be received in the financial community context. We believe SWESIF to be a serious and important forum and we are proud and happy to see Cecilia in this capacity. We wish her as well as SWESIF the best of luck going forward with their mission." 

UpHigh AB is a boutique oriented advisory for corporate responsbility and ESG integration. Founded in 2013, the company is ramping up services in the areas of knowledge, analysis and change management. For more information about UpHigh, click here. 

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