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Urbanista launches Rio sport earphones

Pressmeddelande   •   Maj 19, 2014 15:18 CEST

Urbanista® launches Rio, sport earphones for active urban people

Wear Your Music!

Boost your performance with your favourite beats! With Rio, Urbanista is raising the bar for how really good sport earphones should sound, feel and cost. Now you can finally work-out to your favourite music without having to empty your entire piggy bank. Never before has an equally high-tech product delivered so much for less.

“Urbanista is all about you living your big city life to the fullest, using the city as your training ground and the sidewalks as your running trails. The demand for sport earphones is huge and with Rio, we ́re changing the scene with a stylish model in striking colours that delivers better sound than twice as expensive earphones on the market”, says Daniel Roos, Development Manager at Urbanista.

Urbanista’s silicone wing, GoFit, guarantees an ergonomic and secure fit even in the most challenging and wet circumstances. The comfortable silicone ear-buds, in combination with Urbanista’s own de-veloped driver, bring a dynamic and crisp sound throughout the range. “We ́ve worked hard to optimize the bass, the engine that drives you forward and takes your training to new heights”.

Don’t mind the rain! The mesh coating and the earphones’ unique construction make them water-resistant and easy to clean. Use the single button remote to control your music and calls. The built-in mic allows you to take your calls anywhere you go.

The earphones come with tangle-free, colour-matched cables and work with Android, iOS and Windows. Rio is available in three colours to choose from: Mellow Yellow (yellow/green), Dark Clown (black), Pink Panther (pink).

With Rio, Urbanista claims its position on the market as the only brand that offers a full range of functional headphones. Rio has the recommended retail price of 39,99 EUR.

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Sofia Neumüller, Communications Director, Urbanista AB Tel. +46 73-764 72 92 or sofia@urbanista.com

About Urbanista:

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