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US election: Swissquote fintech solution facilitates investment decisions

Pressemitteilung   •   Okt 26, 2016 11:54 CEST

Gland, Switzerland, October 26, 2016Swissquote Bank Ltd., Switzerland’s leading online bank, announces a newly created investment opportunities based on the different outcomes of the US elections on financial markets. With this latest offering, investors and traders can now invest in a selection of currencies which are most likely to be impacted by a victory from either candidate.

For the first time, public opinion on each candidate will be tracked across the web to predict the outcome of the elections in real-time. Investors wishing to capitalize on the elections will see their investment decisions facilitated by a new predictive analytics tool, which Swissquote has developed in partnership with École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL). Poll results will be publicly available on a dedicated Swissquote website: Unlike traditional polls which are based on surveys, the new tool, makes use of different artificial intelligence algorithms, such as graph analysis, natural language processing (NLP) and deep machine learning, providing a poll based on nationwide online US sentiment.

Currencies and their exchange rates are the financial assets most sensitive to the US election, often reacting in real-time to single statements the candidates make. Swissquote’s Hillary and Donald US Election Foreign Exchange (Forex) Baskets consist of different currency pairs, which are increasingly correlated to poll results. These include the Mexican peso, the Canadian dollar, the Chinese yuan and the Japanese yen.

“The candidates have been forced to choose extreme positions to differentiate themselves. This has increased the probability that the outcome of the election will have real effects on financial markets”, said Peter Rosenstreich, Head of Market Strategy at Swissquote. “For the next few weeks, we anticipate that financial markets will become increasingly sensitive to every move the candidates make, which will only increase the effect on global portfolios.”

“This real-time web opinion poll has the potential to become an important factor for investments decisions, whether for the outcome of a presidential election or any other investment impacted by shifts in public sentiment”, said Swissquote CEO Marc Bürki. “By making this unique metric publicly available, Swissquote continues to lead the effort to merge traditional investment strategy with the latest financial technology”.

Swissquote – The Swiss Leader in Online BankingAs a leading provider of online financial services, Swissquote offers innovative solutions and analysis tools to meet the wide range of demands and needs of its clients. As well as various online trading services, the user-friendly platform also provides solutions for eForex, ePrivate Banking, eMortgage and flexible saving accounts. In addition to a low-cost service for private clients, Swissquote also offers specialized services for independent asset managers and corporate clients. Swissquote Bank Ltd holds a banking license issued by its supervisory authority the Swiss Federal Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) and is a member of the Swiss Bankers Association. Its mother company, Swissquote Group Holding Ltd, is listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange (symbol: SQN).

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