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Vår Gård, Saltsjöbaden won The SSQ Award 2013

Pressmeddelande   •   Feb 23, 2014 11:09 CET

SSQ Award, Scandinavian Service and Quality Award is the largest quality development program within the hotel- and conference industry in Sweden, with evaluations of up to 2000 aspects in the participating companies. Altogether 16 companies participated in SSQ Award during 2013 when the program was conducted for the 12th year. The awards were handed over by Rikard Bergsten, CEO at Svensk Klassificering, Visita and Jan Stenberg, Chairman of the SSQ Award Jury, during a prize ceremony at Möten & Events at Kistamässan in Stockholm the 20th February 2014.

Vår Gård, Saltsjöbaden was awarded SSQ Award 2013 in the Conference Hotel category for receiving the highest score in all surveys within this category.

Vår Gård also received The Grand SSQ Award 2013 for achieving the highest score of all categories. The reward is a training program sponsored by the training company Moment of Truth.

Hotel Mäster Johan was awarded SSQ Award 2013 in the Hotel category and Arenabolaget i Linköping received the SSQ Award in the category for Day Conference Venues.

The awards are solely based on the results of several surveys measuring service and quality, which have been conducted by SSQ Award spread during the calendar year 2013. In addition, the Jury gave Honourable Mentions based on the participants’ Quality Planning process. Vår Gård, Saltsjöbaden received altogether three Honourable Mentions in the perspectives; Guest, Employee and Complaint Management. Djurönäset received an Honourable Mention in the Marketing perspective 2013.

All SSQ Award participants are winners! SSQ Award is accredited by HOTREC* according to European Hospitality Quality. Participation in SSQ engages all employees and results in continuous improvements. All participants receive a certificate as a proof of their active work for a high level of service and quality. Umeå Folkets Hus participated in SSQ Award for the 12th recurrent year!

Last date for registering to SSQ Award 2014 is the 31st of March.

Photos from the prize ceremony are available at MyNewsDesk and at
For more information, please contact: Veronica Boxberg Karlsson CEO, SSQ Award  Tel: +46 8-5118 5111

*HOTREC is the umbrella organization for 1.7 million hotels, restaurants and cafés in Europe. Visita is one of the 43 members in HOTREC.

SSQ Award startad in 2002 and is a program for developing service and quality within the hotel- and Conference industry, accredited by HOTREC according to European Hospitality Quality.