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Vehco turns to Idevio for Geofencing

Pressmeddelande   •   Okt 21, 2010 22:26 CEST

Gothenburg, Sweden, October 21st, 2010. Vehco, a leading company in mobile solutions for the haulage business in the Nordic countries and Germany, has chosen Idevio to power geofencing in their new platform. With geofencing, Vehco is able to solve complex insurance, security and logistics problems for their clients. The new Vehco platform including Geofencing was first shown at the “Lastbil 2010” event, in August 2010.

Geofencing is a key functionality in telematic systems. It is used to manage real world assets, based on position and movement in geographic areas. A typical application: triggering a security alarm if a truck diverts from the designated route. Another scenario is to send a message when goods inside a container enter a loading terminal.

Vehco is one of the largest providers of mobile data communication in the Nordic regions and a significant player in the European market. Vehco brings increased transportation savings through functions for fuel saving, transport follow-up, order management and time reviews. By linking the mobile workforce with business systems, Vehco helps its customers to increase performance, decrease costs and meet environmental objectives.

We chose Idevio based on performance and on their ability to deliver. The Idevio Geofence Toolbox is both flexible and yet powerful enough to also meet our future needs.” says Magnus Orrebrant, CEO at Vehco.

Vehco is a strong, demanding client with an exceptional growth and I'm very pleased that we can add to its success.” says Patric Nordström, CEO at Idevio.

The Idevio Geofence Toolbox allows the user to create geozones, such as lines, areas and routes. The zones are used to create geospatial conditions. When conditions are met, then events are triggered. The Idevio Geofence Toolbox supports a large number of conditions, such as “Enter”, “Leave”, “Inside”, “Outside”, Time”, etc. The product is in use with tens of thousands of assets. The Idevio Geofence Toolbox is packaged as a client library or as a server component.

About Vehco

Vehco AB, a Gothenburg based IT company, was founded in 2001. Vehco is marketing, selling and developing mobile computer solutions for the haulage business. Their customers are located all over Europe. The company is the market leader in the Nordic countries, with its 50 employees and an expected turnover of more than 10 million Euros in 2010.

About Idevio

Idevio provides mapping, address look-up and routing software based on RaveGeo, the award-winning compression and streaming technology. Idevio tools empower defense, mobile and internet applications on everything from workstations to mobile phones. Idevio also produces Locago, a mobile map and local search app used by millions of users. Idevio clients and technology partners include Ericsson, Logica, Luciad, Megatel, Naviteq, PocketMobile, Saab, Sweco Position, the Swedish Armed Forces, Tele Atlas and ThalesAleniaSpace. Idevio is privately owned and headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden.

For further information about Vehco, please visit or contact: 
Magnus Orrebrant, Chief executive, Vehco Inc. phone: +46 31 64 51 04

For further information about Idevio, please visit or contact: 
Patric Nordström, CEO, Idevio AB, phone +46 31 779 09 60,

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