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Verto launches a new service - job placement program for expat spouses in Stockholm

Pressmeddelande   •   Sep 24, 2014 15:42 CEST

When people of the international work force evaluate offers to work for a period of time in Sweden, the possibilities for the spouse to continue his/her professional career is highly valued. 

In a globalized economy where development of a business depends on the knowledge and abilities of individuals, the local job market is often not sufficient, but the hunt for the right talent becomes global. Sweden is a small country with an aging population, where the employers to an even greater extent will have to recruit qualified professionals from abroad.

As an employer it is important to have a suitable and attractive job offer in order to attract the new employees who are essential for the development of the business.

Highly competent international job candidates, who a Swedish employer find interesting for a position in their organization, often have a spouse with a career of their own. When the individual evaluates an offer of a job in a new or foreign country, most will take into account the possibilities for the spouse to continue his/her professional career in the new country.

In an inquiry about the international professional work force in Sweden 72% said that “the possibility for the spouse to get a job” was a very important point when choosing the country to work in. [1] A job is for many a part of their identity, gives them intellectual stimulation and sense of community. 

A new culture, a new language and lack of a network in the field of one’s profession can create difficult obstacles in order to get a job. Through the offer of professional support in the job hunting process in Sweden for the accompanying spouse, the employer can add value to the compensation package of interesting candidates and their families.

Verto has consequently developed a job placement program directed towards spouses of individuals with an international background, who choose to work in Sweden. The program is carried out in English or French and is guided by career consultants with an international background of their own and solid experience of job hunting on the Swedish job market.

The program introduces new knowledge, advice and support in the process towards a job and establishment on the job market in Sweden. In the program the focus is on describing the competence of the participant from a Swedish perspective, identify relevant jobs and potential employers, find the right recruiting channels and help in contacting prospective employers.

Through Verto’s long experience of job placements and our local knowledge and professional networks we can create favorable conditions for the accompanying spouse to be able to enter the Swedish job market and thereby continue a professional career. 

For further information please contact

Johan Åkesson
+46 (0)704 82 10 17


[1] Är Sverige attraktivt, Utländsk kvalificerad arbetskrafts syn på Sverige som land att arbeta och bo i, Oxford Research på uppdrag av Svenskt Näringsliv, Tillväxtverket, VINNOVA, Invest in Sweden Agency och Sydsvenska Industri- och Handelskammaren, juni 2009

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