Vintage Modern Design Sale – Make an Offer on Deconet

Pressmeddelande   •   Jan 28, 2010 02:32 CET

Deconet, the online marketplace for modern design objects, is offering buyers a new way to attain rare collectibles at a true savings. The Deconet “Make an offer” option allows the Deconet buyer and seller to negotiate a lower price – just like you would in a real life marketplace.

The negotiation begins with the seller choosing to use the ”make an offer” option on a fixed price listing. Then the buyer makes an offer to the seller using the formal make an offer-system rather than simply exchanging emails. Unlike eBay or Craigslist, Deconet puts the payment in client escrow until the buyer has received the furniture from the seller. Buyers are thus offered an opportunity to securely buy vintage furniture at their own prices.

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About Deconet

Deconet is a leading global marketplace focused on Modern Design and other decorative objects. Our mission is to empower consumers to easily find and buy great vintage objects from the best Modern Design sources worldwide.

Deconet has quickly become a premier online destination for private buyers, collectors, interior decorators, architects etc interested in Modern Design. Deconet offers objects in categories such as furniture, lighting, ceramics, glass, carpets, textiles, jewellery and decorative arts. All sellers are registered and approved by Deconet's industry specialists. With the launch of the new make an offer solution, Deconet improves it’s service further.

Deconet is based in Stockholm, Sweden. Visit to learn more.