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VionLabs announces stellar jury line up for their first ever “FILM & TV HACKATHON” in Stockholm August 30th 2013.

Pressmeddelande   •   Aug 06, 2013 15:40 CEST

The “Film & TV Hackfest” is a day for all coders, developers, designers, visual artists and innovators living in Stockholm. The Hackfest is a 24-hour event where hackers, film producers and visual artists get together to find solutions and create new ideas in how technology can enrich the film world.

Whoever comes up with the most innovative and clever solution is the winner. This decision is made by a panel of judges, all of whom are experts in their respective fields. The following will all be part of the jury:

Dr Allen Counter Jr. – Director of the Harvard Foundation, Professor of Neurology at Harvard Medical School
Stefan Lampinen - Warner Bros
Yashar Moradbakhti - MTGx
Ronald Pompa - Spotify 
Donnie Lygonis - KTH Innovation
Adiba Cremonini - Silicon Vikings
Patrick Danckwardt - Boxer 
Anna Holmberg - Tre (Hi3G Access)
Johan Bolin/Gustav Norman - Tele2
Baard Eilertsen – VD Maingate
Markku Saarinen/Serina Björnbom–Artist & Eventbolaget/Actors Agency
Erik Lundström - Penny AR Glasses 

Sponsor: MTGx

Modern Times Group (MTG) is an international entertainment group with operations that span four continents and include free-TV, pay-TV, radio, Internet and content production businesses. 

MTGx is the x-factor accelerating MTGs innovation and success in digital entertainment by providing world class video on demand experiences, building a portfolio of new entertainment services and providing centralized digital skills and platforms for the group.

Co-hosts: Atflick, Vamos, Penny AR Glasses, Truecaller

The aim of the hackfest is to merge technology, multimedia, and data to improve the overall film experience. The hacks should make it easier for us to discover, watch, and engage with movies. 

Sweden is one of the most exciting tech innovators for film and TV in Europe. This Hack is to strengthen it further. Our aim is that this hackfest will create tech motivation to maintain Sweden's position in this field.

If you are interested in attending the event/afterparty please see the Facebook event page for details:

For more information, please contact: Rudolf Castillo, business developer at VionLabs AB,

070-922 44 89,

We are a bunch of techies* with a passion for TV-series, movies and games. We spend our days (and nights) helping show biz and the telecom industry adapt to the digital consumers needs and wants. 

It all started with an insight about us, and about our friends:
How come it’s easier to watch movies illegally, online? 

And since we believe people want to be nice we started to develop new tech platforms where ease-of-use, inspiration, and entertainment experience is key.

Our solutions and business cases clearly states that when you provide consumers with great user experience – just like at the movies, but now in your smartphone – they prefer paying for content.

Our clients include major carriers all over Scandinavia, Europe and the Middle East.

*a technical expert, or enthusiast, especially in the field of electronics.

VionLabs is a Swedish Tech Start-up with offices in Stockholm and Barcelona. Since 2009 they have developed digital eco-systems for carriers, cable networks and internet providers – with focus on user experience.