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VionLabs has created an app for Spotify to discover music through film!

Pressmeddelande   •   Maj 31, 2013 13:00 CEST

With the app Movie Music Database you can find music from your favourite films and TV shows. In addition to that, you can discover new films through music. To make it a more exciting and user-friendly experience you will also be able to create your own soundtracks, which you may share with friends and followers!

The main aim of Movie Music Database is to discover new music, films, friends, and to connect film with music.  

-  Following the success of amazing apps like Tunigo, which helps users find new content in a simple way, and the fact that we’ve developed one of the world’s fastest and most flexible film services, we have now turned our focus towards the second screen experience.

-  Our collaboration with Spotify creates the opportunity to launch clever apps and is yet another step towards expanding the experience. The idea is that you easily should be able to find the music featured in films, and in that way simultaneously discover both new music and films that you like. In addition to that, whilst watching a film you should without any complications be able to list the film’s soundtrack and not have to leave your experience.  

-  We are very happy that the app team at Spotify gave us their faith. We feel it is a great investment to develop MMDb (Movie Music Database) as a Spotify app - says Arash Pendari.

 VionLabs have among other things developed a mobile app for film and TV. They have a passion for TV shows, films, music and games. Their vision is to help the entertainment industry and telecom industry adapt to the needs of their digital users. VionLabs won Mobile Magazine’s “Film Service Competition” in 2011 and have been leading the field in the Nordic countries ever since.

They have specialised in the development of VOD services within film, TV and music, and have done so by focusing on the user.

For further information:
Please contact NadineBreidensjö  Phone: +46 704 48 96 96 E-mail: or Rudolf Castillo Phone: +46709 22 44 89 Email:

We are a bunch of techies* with a passion for TV-series, movies and games. We spend our days (and nights) helping show biz and the telecom industry adapt to the digital consumers needs and wants. 

It all started with an insight about us, and about our friends:
How come it’s easier to watch movies illegally, online? 

And since we believe people want to be nice we started to develop new tech platforms where ease-of-use, inspiration, and entertainment experience is key.

Our solutions and business cases clearly states that when you provide consumers with great user experience – just like at the movies, but now in your smartphone – they prefer paying for content.

Our clients include major carriers all over Scandinavia, Europe and the Middle East.

*a technical expert, or enthusiast, especially in the field of electronics.

VionLabs is a Swedish Tech Start-up with offices in Stockholm and Barcelona. Since 2009 they have developed digital eco-systems for carriers, cable networks and internet providers – with focus on user experience.