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VionLabs launches Catch Up TV

Pressmeddelande   •   Aug 29, 2013 19:15 CEST

With Catch Up TV the user is able to rewind and watch previously aired TV programs up to 14 days old. The technology is completely wireless and can be watched on smart TVs, mobiles and tablets.

The connected home has presented issues for several operators who are losing customers to the increasing number of wireless actors and on demand services. Today Internet and cable TV operators face a complex situation with multiple screens and mobile devices, which forces them to reconsider their technical approach towards content distribution. Approximately 26% of the consumers are aware of multi-screen TV – a number which is increasing steadily. TV boxes, wires and remote controls will soon be history.

VionLabs have for the last couple of years been developing Catch Up TV technology, and are now launching it on there Play products. The launch is just days before the date of VionLabs’ and Sweden’s first ever Film & TV Hackathon.  


“We have been warning for a long time now that if cable TV operators don’t update to multi-screen TV, mobile operators and other wireless cable TV companies like Magine will take over the market offering a more enjoyable experience and innovative technology. We have seen many Internet providers try to deliver a complete service like this to their customers, but few have succeeded”, says Arash Pendari, CEO at VionLabs.

VionLabs have developed digital eco-systems for operators and hardware providers since 2009. Many of our clients have built their OTT solutions based on VionLabs’ platform. This client base consists of Excito, Tele2 Play, Cyberia, Vialync and Atflick – a new service that will be launched this autumn.

VionLabs is a Swedish Tech Start-up with offices in Stockholm, Hamburg and Barcelona. Since 2009 they have developed digital eco-systems for carriers, cable networks and internet providers – with focus on the user experience.