Voddler announces agreements with major Hollywood companies, opens the door to hundreds of thousands of new users and offers a unique type of film premiere

Pressmeddelande   •   Okt 28, 2009 08:51 CET

Voddler, the unique Swedish service for home movies via the internet, today announces a number of important newsworthy events. Two major global film companies, The Walt Disney Company and Paramount Pictures, have entered into license agreements with Voddler, opening the door to an enormous selection of movies for Voddler's users. Via Disney, Voddler gains access to films from Walt Disney Company, Touchstone Pictures and Miramax Films and via Paramount Pictures the company gains access to films from Dreamworks Studios (see separate release). Voddler will also be presenting a completely new type of film premiere thanks to a unique agreement with Noble Entertainment.

"We are delighted and proud to be able to announce the agreements with Disney and Paramount," says Marcus Bäcklund, CEO Voddler. "These agreements are a mark of quality for our business - a completely new, web-based distribution channel for movies."

Voddler offers an internet based video on demand service built on an innovative, patented streaming technique. The technique means that users no longer have to download bulky movies to their hard discs. One version of Voddler is currently up and running - an advertisement-financed free service (AVOD). Shortly, a pay-per-view (TVOD) will also be available, followed by a subscription service (SVOD) for people who watch a lot of movies. Soon, it will also be possible to watch movies before they premiere at the cinema or on DVD.

"In the future, watching movies via a digital window at home will be just as common as watching them at the cinema," continues Bäcklund. "We are breaking new ground in a revolution in which the detour - plastic discs sold in stores - will gradually disappear, to be replaced with an endless, always available selection of films just a click of a button away."

Over 30,000 users have been trying out a beta-version of Voddler for several months. The first sharp version has been available to users for a couple of weeks featuring more functions and higher quality. From this week and on, Voddler will start giving access to thousands of new users every day. The number of available films is also increasing on a daily basis, and will now expand rapidly as a result of the new agreements. Standing for the available selection of movies so far are Noble, NonStop, Pan Vision, Scanbox and Film Factory. Voddler is currently in discussion with remaining key companies in the industry as well as several niche players and believes that they will shortly be on board.

"Today, we offer around 500 movies on-demand and will soon be offering the opportunity to access thousands of films," says Zoran Slavic, EVP Voddler. "We look forward to complementing our unique free service before Christmas with pay-per-view and subscription services for movie lovers who want to see movies before everyone else."

Also finalized is a deal with Noble Entertainment, a fast growing film distributor in the Nordic market, which will show the premiere of the horror film the Children on Voddler this fall, making Voddler the first to offer digital premieres.

"Our collaboration with Voddler has been very rewarding so far. Voddler enables us to reach an extensive audience in a modern and innovative way. We are confident that Voddler has a great future ahead of it," says Albert Avramovic, CEO Noble Entertainment AB.

Voddler is being launched in collaboration with Bredbandsbolaget, which will issue 500,000 invites.

"Voddler is groundbreaking when it comes to how movies can be experienced, legally and independent of TV program listings," says Georgi Ganev, CEO Bredbandsbolaget. "From the very start our customers have shown great interest in testing Voddler and we have seen the same level of interest before, in quality legal music services, which is why we are distributing 500,000 Voddler invites."

Voddler is owned and run by employees, Swedish and international investors and the private equity firm Deseven.

More information, contact:

Marcus Bäcklund, CEO Voddler +46 (0) 733-80 17 80, marcus.backlund@voddler.com

Ellinor Lejman, Press Manager, +46 (0) 705 95 68 88, ellinor.lejman@voddler.com

About Voddler
Voddler offers a film service for home users where the complete experience is in focus.

In the good old days when film only could be seen at the movies, each trip to the cinema was an experience. Popcorn, velvet curtains and the exciting expectations before the film - this is the sensation Voddler will bring to the home cinema. The joy of watching films, the inspiration and accessibility with a twist of the magic of the movie industry.Voddler is the complete opposite of the filesharing sites' uninspired torrents with films of varying quality.

The company has developed their own technology with a video on demand format, where an unlimited range of films can be seen by an unlimited number of users at the same time. This means that there will be room for classics, blockbusters and independent films, Swedish as well as international. Voddler have instant play, HD quality and commercial sponsored material, something that has been requested for a long time. A legal alternative to file sharing that also offers a social network and a film site with all possible information about film. www.voddler.com

Voddler was founded in 2005 and have their headquarter, with 25 employees, in Stockholm.