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"Voice Forum" integrates in e-Learning

Pressmeddelande   •   Nov 16, 2006 09:37 CET

Edusolutions, the provider of the eLearning platform Edulink™ is starting a project to define the possibilities of integrating Vaestro Voice forum with MKFC’s Edulink-platform.

Asyncronous Voicefunction means that students and tutors are able to speak with each other on the Edulink when they want. eLearning with integrated voice enrich the freedom of time and place. Tutor and students will have increased possiblities to get the learning processed.

The integration will allow the participants of an eLearning course to use Vaestro Voice Forums for Edulink discussiongroups. The Speech function creates new learning possibilities, especially for studying languages.

This project will be developed in cooperation with MKFC. This includes the study of student, tutor and administrative viewpoints. The goal is to include all the definitions needed for the production, architecture, design, usability issues, platform compability etc.

MKFC has in cooperation with Edusolutions integrated TalkIT reading materials, Ellibs digital books, ReadRunner for dyslectics to the eLearning platform Edulink™


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